How to get a free MacBook?

Apple MacBook is a stylish laptop that many people like. This laptop is the latest Macintosh series and a polycarbonate body. The MacBook is sold around $ 2,000 and the price of the different models is around the mark. Many people can not afford the MacBook, and it is possible for such people to get it for free.

This offer is unbelievable for many, but there are legitimate networks that have confirmed the story. TV networks such as CNN, NBC and G4TV show stories about how such free versions can actually be downloaded from the Internet. Some sites offer for free such as iPod and iPhone. Here are some steps you can follow to get a free MacBook.

first Go to Site Search
Go to any search engine and enter the "MacBook" free version. There are hundreds of websites that offer these products to try out different products and provide information about surveys. Once you find this site, try checking out from other sources, such as blogs, if your site is legitimate.

2nd Sign up
After signing in to your site. You will be asked to select the product you want to ship as a free address to your address. Once you've clicked on the required product, you'll need to sign in with your personal details. This section requires that you usually enter your email and home address. They also ask for their paycheck, do not panic at this moment; is not like a paid email id. This is only the identifier you subscribed to with the payer. The other information you need is your phone number. Make sure you provide real-world data and not false information. This is because many people try to cheat on those bids, and if you get it, you will not get it for free.

3rd Step: Make an Offer
There are a number of bids available during the trial period on these sites and as low as $ 10. Pick one of the bids and make sure that you are doing so. Many people stop at this point and do not opt ​​for such low-cost offers. My only suggestion is that there is no harm to spending $ 10 on a laptop worth $ 2,000.

4th Step: Send it to your friends
Get to know your site with friends and ask them to look at it. This step is important as these sites are looking for popularity.

5th Wait for the laptop.
This is the most difficult of all the steps. The laptop is delivered to that address. However, there are certain rules that are supposed to be followed. This changes from one site to another. Some of them are rules such as a house-to-house policy, real information, and no public addresses, etc. So let's go ahead, find these websites and follow the steps and get a free MacBook .

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