How to get a free iPhone 4

There are always software companies that "make" applications and need people to help beta test their new programs to ensure that they work seamlessly and effectively by trying them. Beta becomes a tester that is simply incredibly simple and most people do not realize this because the idea of ​​practically nothing is so strange to them. Here's how to get a free iPhone 4 with all this.

No background or intense pursuit for iPhone testing. In fact, this would be detrimental to your chances, as these companies are looking for ordinary everyday people to try to make their programs and products totally unbiased. This gives them the ability to better understand how their software comes when they are massively disclosed. People like you and the backgrounds without drawings can stumble on topics that designers themselves have not found that need to be resolved before the actual release.

Are you probably starting to wonder how this is equal to the free iPhone 4? If you are a beta tester, you will send the iPhone 4 with the installed apps to test them and ask them to use it as if they were a consumer who came out and bought it. After a probation, you simply ask for feedback, usually filling out a form describing your experience and noticing any questions that have arisen in the rarest way. Finally, as a reward, rather than paying cash, you keep the new iPhone as a compromise, just for your opinion.

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