How to fix Registry of Mac

When repaired for Macintosh (SFM), extra system requirements are added to the registry key and subkey. It is therefore advisable to delay the defective values. If you need a Mac registry to repair the patch, there are some values ​​that need to be corrected.

Changing Registry Keys

This section briefly describes the procedures used to change key values,. To repair the registry for Mac on your computer, look for the online utility in the Windows NT Registry Editor, the structured information about adding parameters to the registry key keys. To change the key value values ​​to repair the Mac registry, first click the Start button, and then click Run. Type regedt32, and then click OK. However, this control can be managed from the command line.

In the window; Select HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE in the system's directory and then select the current control lists. Click the Services directory, and then select the directory that modifies the service you want to change, that is, Mac or Apple conversation (modifying MacSrv and MacPrint services is not recommended.) You can see the equation of the appendix to understand the value of the help. When you are ready to fix patches, double-click the data to display the most appropriate editor for the data.

Key Talk Values ​​for Apple Talk: Select "Apple Talk" to set the key values ​​for the Apple Talk key key. "This displays the Apple Talk Adapter and the parameters of the sub buttons (Avoid changing the connection values ​​because they are not being counted.) Adapter Button Values: Each Apple Talk compatible adapter has an alkey on the system

Data Type Value Domain to Repair Registry Database

A arp attempts: REG-DWORD: This is a hexadecimal value that defines the Apple Talk address protocol for resolution that is controlled by Apple Talk Protocol. 19659002] DDP checksum: REG-DWORD: This is a hexadecimal value that ensures that the Apple Talk protocol determines or can not determine the DDP level checksum. For example, if the value is 1, the Apple Talk protocol uses the sums DDP Default value: "1"

Default zone: REG-SZ: Data text value if the network is the default zone if the adapter is currently networking the network. The default zone is selected when a person configures SFM when a adapter mounts the net. No Default Value

Lower End of Network Range: REG-DWORD: Ox1-0xfeff 1-65279 Decimal: This is a hexadecimal value. This is the smallest network number for the net interest rate when the adapter has taken the network. This number is calculated from the Macintosh dialog. No existing default values ​​

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