How to Fix ITunes Error 5002

iTunes Error 5002 is a common problem caused by our computer that it could not properly process the important settings and settings that allow iTunes to download songs / applications. The big problem that will cause this error will be that your computer has problems with your Internet connection, or iTunes blocks system firewall settings. Although there are no clear reasons for this problem (even Apple does not know what the problem is), there are many effective steps to solve the system's problems.

The error typically appears in this format:

  • Could not complete the iTunes Store request. Unknown Error (5002)

What Is This iTunes Error 5002?

This error is basically the result of the files you need to process the storage request you just created. The problem may be the Internet connection on your system, as well as many programs that prevent the system from working properly. This tutorial shows you how to solve any problems.

Improving the iTunes Error 5002

The first step to fixing this problem is to reinstall iTunes and then ensure that your Internet connection works ok afterwards and make sure iTunes the program has sufficient authority to connect properly to the Internet.

  • Click on
  • Click Add / Remove Programs
  • Click on Apple iTunes
  • Remove this program from the " Remove
  • Restart the computer
  • Download the new version of iTunes
  • Reinstall and Test
  • iTunes reinstall essentially permits makes it possible for the computer to replace all the files and settings that allow the software to run, but we have also determined that a Registry Cleaner program is a preference for the Frontline Registry Cleaner tool) is also an effective way to stop the 5002 error , as iTunes has many settings in the registry, which are often damaged and damaged. If you want to download, install, and migrate a registry utility, you can clean up any problems your system needs to maximize speed and efficiency.

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