How to find Spirit Mate? Change the words (3 tips for women)

Death and life are under the power of the tongue, and those who love will eat their fruit (Proverbs 18:21). So you have a choice because it is aimed at finding a spiritual companion; or talk about what you want or talk about what you do not want. Anyway, you will say what you say. Although the following tips match men and women, this article is about women.

first Do not Say Negative Words

Do not forget the following sentence: "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt you." Well, that's not true. The words kill, steal, and destroy. Unfortunately, your words moved some things. As a result, it consumes increasingly sour grapes.

Do not find things like:

· "No one loves me

· Why does not someone like me? 19659006

· I will not get married

· Why would anyone want me? Nobody Loves Me

Such a Special? "

These statements, however, convey doubts, envy, unbelief, and distrust. Also, when you say later, momentum creates a vacuum. Did not you realize how negative people are taking the energy out of a room? Well, defying words suck the life of every project.

Here start to pay attention to the words. Stop worrying about yourself, others, or what you want. If necessary, wear a rubber band on your wrist. Pull it every time you think or talk like a pessimist.

2nd Start talking about positive words.

Communicates primarily and with confidence. Nobody likes losers or whims. Apart from the risk of being able to lead a potential friend. If self-esteem is low, raise the rod. Today is a new beginning. Forget what you were or not.

Yet, formulating hopeful words will be more difficult for some than others. That is why I recommend reading self-help books. Listening to sermons or motivational speakers online will also allow you to be in the shift.

Second, speak positive words about what you want. Most people can shake what they do not like. Do you know what you want? If not, stop the presses. Spend some quiet time reflecting. Then make a list of your desires. Accept your list to the Father praying, believe it, and use your words.

3rd If in doubt, do not talk.

Make it real. No one said life would be a rose bed. As a result, a few days of bristling with the thorns. Additionally, if you are exhausted (mentally or physically), it is worse. Do not comment on your situation these days. It is more likely that he is talking about despair.

Remember, create words! The goal is to have what you want. If he speaks in negative words, he will say.

In all likelihood, the words chosen or hack or support efforts to join our spiritual companion. So use them wisely.

Source by Stephanie Harbin

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