How to eat a girl out the right way

Girls love the idea that their male partner is licked. And if you know how to eat a girl properly, you can give her a fantastic orgasm every time. As far as satisfaction is concerned, cunnilingus defeats the experience of total intercourse. But most people do not know the art of oral sex and do not make her orgasm, some of them eventually cause pain.

This article teaches you how to do your daughter madly with her tongue:

Hygiene: One of the most important things I remember is hygiene. Make sure your vagina is clean, take the bath before both of you do oral sex, it's a good idea. If you suffer from any type of sexual disease, contact your doctor immediately.

Slow Start: Don't jump directly into your vagina, girls like slow and stable. In addition, you can easily deliver it when it is there. Indulge in the many foreplay. Kiss her neck and shoulder, stroke her breast and play with her hair. Her thigh kissing, licking and seducing her for a long time, as she is very close to her vagina.

Clitoral Stimulation: Now that you have properly moistened your time to get to your clit. Clitoris is a pink pea-shaped meat piece just above the vaginal opening. It is very sensitive and I suggest you use a flat language instead of a hard language. Lick it in circles, move up and down, or just gently move your clit with your tongue.

Enter Once you have completed your clit, it's time to get into your vagina. Step into your pointed tongue and try to lick the upper wall of the sleeve. Here lies the G-spot, the holy grail. Licking his G-spot shakes his back and becomes wild and crazy.

Bonus Tip 1: Most girls are like the wet noise they do when they lick their clit with wet tongue. But do not overdo it, and add loud noises because it can be turned off. Remember, mitigation is the key.

Bonus Tip 2: While stimulating his g-spot with his tongue, he realizes that his clitoris is under the nose. Ventilation doubles the joy factor.

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