How to distinguish the original iPhone from a fake?

Recently, iPhone popularity has grown rapidly in the market. As the iPhone's marketability increases, the desire to copy the phone at cheaper prices. These cheaper phones are also known as replicas. There is no comparison between the original iPhone and the replica iPhone quality. The latter results in lower lifespan and poorer quality. Replica tools are often referred to as " Chinese " iPhones, which is not surprising as most counterfeits are made in China. The original iPhone devices are also made in China. Since both versions of phones are made in China, it may be difficult to distinguish between them. However, distinguishing a real iPhone is not as difficult as it may seem. By distinguishing the right knowledge, the two can be a simple task.

iPhone and High Quality Replica

The original products of all the honest companies, including Apple, have many features that can be identified as genuine authenticity. Below I will try to give you the most comprehensive list of Apple features that help to distinguish the true iPhone from the copies.


Apple products have always been expensive and the iPhone is no exception. If iPhone is suspiciously low on the store or on the official website. After trying to compare the costs you offer with your website or store prices. The authentic iPhone price tag changes in the status of the phone. The prices of the new phone and the refurbished phone vary by 15-50% depending on the status, availability and age of the phone.


IOS is the operating system for Apple branded products. This operating system can only be used on Apple devices. Each Apple product comes with a set of software packages that are unique to the operating system. These programs include iTunes, iPod, Safari, and the App Store.


Original iPhone users can not replace the battery themselves. Replacing the battery can only be carried out by an Apple professional or a qualified technician.


The iPhone screen has a diameter of 3.5 inches, no more or less. It is made of capacitive technology and responds only to touch. No need for a pen, a pen or a similar item. The screen does not lead to electric current either.

Serial Number

All iPhones have a unique serial number located at the bottom of the box. This can be viewed directly on the phone. Those who want to view the serial number follow the instruction set provided: Open " Settings – General – About Your Device " and check the Apple official website.


The original iPhone is displayed only in black and white.

Memory card slot and SIM cards

The iPhone has a standard flash drive. Therefore, you can not change or increase volume; keep this in mind when you buy the phone. Each iPhone has a connector for the SIM card. There are no iPhones for two SIMs. IPhone 4 and iPhone 4 use the Micro SIM format.

Sync with PC

Download music and videos, ringtones, eBooks, and other content on the iPhone, with the exception of applications, only with iTunes's own software. If iTunes does not recognize the new iPhone, the phone that it has now purchased replicates.

Rear panel

The model number, apple logo and IC and ID tag appear on the back of the phone. " Apple designed by California


The wide range of accessories includes headphones and a full-featured charger that is only white.

elegant and polished Apple's style is almost impossible to confuse with copies made by Chinese craftsmen

Source by Sergey G Goryunov

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