How to display your iPhone application after development

1. Publish your app to the Apple iTunes App Store

Get the application you've approved and publish it can be difficult if you do not know XCode.

So, if you've developed your program yourself, you certainly know how to do these steps below. If you've hired someone to develop your application, you can ask them to help you make the process. You need to:

  • have the certificate
  • define your application number
  • create your distribution instructions to sign your application
  • open the iPhone SDK to build the application
  • take this ZIP file and go on developers Upload the application, please prepare some graphics like icons for your application, preview screenshot …
  • upload to iTunes Connect


2. Promote Your Application

After You have been approved, your application is ready to sell millions of iPhone users worldwide. But it can still be unnoticed in the store.

To make sure that the outcome is worthy of your efforts, you must have a plan to market the app to the audience.

There are many ways to do this right, for example:

  • Introducing Your Application Before It Appears on the Market
  • Building a Website for Your Apps
  • Plan for More Versions
  • Use Social Media To Market Your Program: Some social networks like Facebook or Twitter can provide a lot of help.


If you are new to the marketplace, you should find some eBook to read and try to learn some marketing techniques. They are full of them out there on the Internet.

If you just post your application and wait for a miracle to happen, you may not be aware that the application is listed soon and may not be sold well.

The final tip is to be patient. You can not tell what's working without trying it first.

Source by Anthony Chow

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