How to Determine the iPhone Battery

One of the key tips for users and experts is to control the temperature of your iPhone. The lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery of the iPhone is best at 32 to 95 degrees Celsius or 0-35 degrees Celsius. Finally, the iPhone can operate between -4 and 113 degrees (between -20 and 45 degrees Celsius), but temperatures outside this range will disadvantage the iPhone battery. In other words, if you leave the iPhone in a freezer or in a warm car, it's probably not a good idea. Keep away from direct sunlight.

This is the next tip that is selected from forums and the like, not so clear. Some people claim that the battery of the iPhone for more than a month is not advisable, while others believe it can not cause damage. What you see in consensus is that the iPhone battery should be fully released for a full discharge once a month to restore the battery life.

Also useful is an idea of ​​its actual use and battery life to better understand its potential. You can view usage statistics in the Settings menu under General tab and then Use. You can see the Usage, which is the time when the iPhone was in active mode, which means that you watched a video during a call, listened to music, browsed the web, and so on. It also shows the standby time, which is the total lifetime of the iPhone until its last full upload, whether in active mode or not. The standby time allocation proportionally gives you the time you actively used the iPhone. The higher this percentage, the more often you need to upload iPhone, so plan it accordingly.

Upgrading to the latest version of the software with iTunes can help you take care of the iPhone battery, but still grab it. Some users complain that updates 3 and 3 have wasted some applications. However, updates and fixes are likely to help improve performance, so perhaps the last one is a bit of a success. In any case, before updating the software, check out the forums to find out what feedback is from those who have upgraded their software.

Of course, the old standby standby mode for the applications, turning off, reducing the brightness of 3G and the display, is still part of the iPhone Battery good health for a long time. Just because you heard it before does not mean it does not work.

Something new. Some users have noticed that the proxy for a cell tower (giving access to a strong signal) increases battery life. This may be because the network search has been minimized. Try to stay in places where there is a good sign. The last and last tip is to regularly use your iPhone to tune the sounds out of the system and get acquainted with the specifics of that unit. After all, the phone is a very personal device and needs to be handled.

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