How to cut your cell phone bill halfway

Let's face it, everybody is trying to find a way to reduce it and save it a bit. However, some accounts, such as cell phone bills, are so important that it seems difficult to reduce them. Here are some tips that will help you reduce your mobile phone bill by half. As the average mobile phone number is $ 69.99 per month or $ 840 / yr, the following tips help reduce your bill significantly.

Reductions: Get a discount on your mobile phone account. By gaining a discount, you can make your plan between 5% and 25% each month. If your average mobile phone plan is around 69.99, you can save up to $ 25 a year, up to $ 200 a year, up to $ 420 in the life of a 2 year contract. This is approx. 3 months free (69.99 x 3 = $ 209.97).

Preferences for a mobile phone plan are generally based on your workplace or group interaction. For example, with Sprint, postal employees get 25% discount, most federal employees receive a 15% discount, and Credit Union members save 10%. Check the HR section to see if there is a discount available for you to work. Also, check which group it belongs, such as chambers of commerce.

References: If you are a mobile phone provider and you enjoy it, you will receive two bonuses when you betray your friends to switch to your service provider: unlimited minutes and transfer bonuses.

You get an unlimited time when you talk to your friend and you have given the same mobile phone provider. This is because all major providers have an unlimited number of network calls (also known as mobile to mobile). This will help you choose a lower plan; maybe from 69.99 to 49.99. It would cost $ 20 a year for $ 240 or $ 480 for a 2 year contract.

Every major mobile phone provider has a referral program. With Sprint, you can earn up to a dozen people a year and earn $ 25 for a $ 300 annual profit. Sprint's cool thing, the referenced friend also gets $ 25. be conservative and tell 4 friends to convince you to change, you're looking for $ 100.

Do you really need unlimited? With the introduction of unlimited mobile phone plans, the major providers have updated many of these plans, but these plans are much richer than most. I suggest looking at your cell phone account over the past 3 months to find out how many minutes you use. As you carefully examine your account, make sure you look at any time or day-to-day moments. If possible, change a lower plan. For example, if you're in the $ 99.99 Sprint Everything program or in the 69.99 900-minute plan, the change will save $ 360 a year or $ 720 per year in the life of a two-year contract.

Selling Old Mobile Phones: Some companies are willing to buy their old mobile phones and pay cash. Recently offered nearly $ 100 for two old cell phones on this site . In addition to earning money, it helps to remove e-waste. Old cell phones are potential toxic waste if they simply throw trash. Collect old mobile phones and sell them. Quickly, because the longer I wait, the lower the value.

These great money-saving tips work with AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Following these mobile phone savings tips, you can significantly reduce your mobile phone bill.

Source by Darryl Gee

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