How to create eye-catching applications screenshots

The three most important elements of the app's app's page are the icon, name, and price. The icon captures the user's eyes and is able to awaken interest in an occasional visitor. The name is another indication of what the application is. The lower the price, the higher the chances of the application being downloaded (at least in general). Rating is also important – anyone can simply skip an app that has less than three stars. But the basic element that can increase the app value, it shows the use and appealing interface, the collection of screenshots. We often see good quality applications that are as good in terms of functionality and aesthetics. At the moment of the first impression, only the aesthetic part can be evaluated in the icon and screenshots.

Great application can easily fail due to bad, interesting screenshots. Discovering new applications is usually done through a simple mobile search. The more appealing and spectacular the first screenshot is, the better it is for opponents of an app. People decide to buy things, emotions and facts – good screenshots can give them both. The pictures appear here will be much stronger than the text.

You have to ask yourself several questions. What is the actual value that a user receives? What makes your app different from the others? How can you look better, smarter / entertaining than others? What are your strengths? When you receive the answers, continue with the first and most important screenshot ideas.

first rule. The first screenshot is the most important – it must clearly show how the application behaves in the message.

If you do exactly what you want, you can go to temptation and download it. And if you do not have to look at the second and third screenshots to understand what the app is, not to mention the description, it's just perfect. Everyone is always in a hurry – no one wants to get too much into details unless that person is an interesting icon and the first screenshot that contains a text that hits the message is carried. All this takes place in just seconds – so nothing splashscreens are the first screenshot – even if they look so good.

2nd rule. Screenshots do not need actual screenshots.

Yes, Apple's app's screenshot must match the actual screen size. But content may be different. The screenshot is not just a screenshot – this is your huge marketing weapon for attracting people and selling the app, so this should be handled. There is an explanation – just a line of text that will advertise and sell your product, which shows its value.

3rd rule. You get all the value from your screenshot.

The classic example is the Apple App Store. Here are five screenshots and you have to calculate the value for each of the other screenshots of the less important information. But suddenly every screenshot is crucial, especially for larger applications, everyone can affect the visitor. Be sure to show the functionality of the apps as a real value that a person receives.

4th rule. Avoid Exaggeration.

If your app is a file manager, txt / pdf / doc / iWork / image viewer and editor, mp3 / wav / whatever player, cloud-based support, files and folders, synchronizing and sharing social networks and cloud storage with a million other features-do not combine this trash with screenshots. This does not make them eye-catching, but rather repulsive. You get it as short as possible.

This is closed with a counseling record, but it's normal but important: read the guidelines thoroughly, so there are no contradictions that can cause the application to be rejected, which, in turn, loses the time of updating and forwarding (this will be the designer's job, who obviously knows everything about these guidelines and who can consult you about the choice). Test your screenshots, see what's best, analyze the results, and fix them before submitting. And do not forget about localization when it really matters to your specific case. A great (or simply bad) screenshot can easily make the difference.

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