How to Create a Web Site From Scratch – For Free!

But do not understand HTML encoding?

Relax if I can only build a fully functional site until one afternoon without leaving a trace of HTML then anyone can do it. Creating the first site may seem like professional webmasters should be a task, but believe me it's simpler than you think.

First of all, first!

Before you start the user, you will need a domain name for your site, such as & # 39; & # 39; For those who do not already know the Internet, these names may be cheaper for and for about $ 9. Make sure you have a good name for your site, which is relevant to your promotion, as it helps with search engines.

What about storage?

Hosting is usually offered by domain providers as an all inclusive package or you can buy and see what other companies offer. Just note that long-term deals can be involved and the bandwidth may be limited, which in turn limits the online space. Unlimited bandwidth free premium hosting is often found on affiliate membership sites, which are also a good starting point for opening and running the first website as they have the knowledge and information available.

What do these membership sites offer yet?

For beginners for internet marketing who stunned the HTML, but want to create a website from scratch for free, then these sites are a godsend! If you're step by step looking for video tutorials, pre-made web templates, and all other resources to reach the path to success, then you may want to apply for a small membership fee. If you become a member, you can save time by scratching your head or paying a lot of money from site builders.

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