How to convert FLV to M4V ipod?

This description shows you the way to FLV conversion M4V format for playback on iPod and FLV and M4V knowledge.

What is FLV and what is M4V

FLV (Flash Video) is a patented file format that can be displayed on the web using Adobe Flash Player 6, 7, 8 or 9. The ubiquitous presence of Adobe Flash Player has enabled FLV to be published on the Internet to reach a wider audience.

M4V is the MPEG-4 video file that Apple has presented to video and audio files, M4V can be safely renamed to MP4 or vice versa. M4V can be used on Apple iTunes and iPods.

How to download FLV?

There is a free downloader named FLV Downloader. YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, Metacafe, Dailymotion, iFilm, Music, eVideoShare, StreetFire, etc. Uploads videos to your computer's FLV format hard drive.

How to convert FLV to M4V?

Moyea FLV Video Converter Pro is an easy-to-use program that can convert FLV to AVI, WMV, MP4, MP3, AAC and so on. So first convert FLV MP4 to Moyea FLV Video Converter Pro 2 and rename MP4 files to M4V.

Download Moyea FLV to Video Converter Pro 2 and start it on your computer. On the main interface, click the "Add FLV" button to import FLV files, and then select the player you want to play.

In the lower left window, cut the video and select the desired area. You can also reduce the video length with the bar at the right pane.

The Effect tab is used to modify the effects of a video.

The Logo and Text tab allows you to add watermarks and text to the video. To set the watermark for the image, check "Add a watermark image". You can then select the position by clicking on the Origine drop-down list.

To set a transparent color for the logo, click the red button on the top image. The "Transparent Clear Color" field is displayed.

You can then enable the transparent color and select a color from the left image. Drag the lines to set tolerance and alpha and the output style appears in the corresponding image.
Click the folders behind the "Export …" button to set the destination. Select MP4 MPEG-4 from the "Export Format" drop-down list. Go to "Settings" and set the video and sound settings for the output video.

After all settings, click "Convert" and "Start". Begin to transform one after the other. When the conversion is complete, change the file extension to M4V and synchronize them to your iPod

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