How to Clean iPhone Wallet Case

Having an e-Vibe iPhone Wallet Case is a great convenience for everyday life, but having this case with you every day means that it could get a little dirty and therefore You have to clean it. You must be careful, however, that you do not want to entertain the fine leather on which the case is based. Here are some steps to help you clean your case effectively without harm.

1. Get your iPhone wallet and identify any spots that need to be cleaned. Ideally, you should not see very heavy stains, because this issue is not easy to blow.

2. The best way to clean the case is to wipe it thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth. You do not want to leaf the leather unless it is absolutely necessary because it is often a liquid leather causes it to change and becomes undesirable.

3. If you need to flip the case, make sure you never have to dry it with any kind of heat. Temperature can cause leather to crack, and this ruins your iPhone wallet. If you need to clean it, make sure you have a good saddle bag and be careful not to wipe the case carefully to prevent damage.

These tips should help you clear the issue. Unless the case gets seriously damaged, it's just wipe the case with a cloth for 99% of the cleaning needs. After cleaning, be sure to let the case dry naturally, as this will ensure that the leather is not warped or damaged.

Source by Scott L Quarterman

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