How to choose what size iPhone to get

One of the confusing buying of iPhone is to choose how much the ability to buy. The original iPhone was 2 and 4 gigabytes, and now they are available in 32GB. Usually, the larger of the available phones costs $ 100 more than the smaller version so if you do not need the space, it can be a significant saving. The first thing to know is that the amount of storage has no effect on your ability to use iPhone as a traditional phone or to browse the internet. Even the vast majority of applications that can be downloaded and use do not absorb a significant amount of space.

The main reason for choosing a larger iPhone is if you are replacing iPod or plan to use our iPhone like iPod. The larger capacity of the phone allows you to store a larger amount of music. They can also allow you to store photos, videos and podcasts. If you intend to take advantage of these multimedia capabilities, the additional space will probably be useful. For example, I left 80 GB of iPod and found heavy of even 16 GB of iPhone. I had to be selective about what music and movies I downloaded into the phone. If you do not intend to use multimedia features, the enhancement is more likely unused so you can easily choose a cheaper version of the phone. $ 100 is not much to double the phone's storage, but it's wasted if you do not use the space.

Source by Jim Tonkins

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