How to buy Bitcoin – first step

The best way to know bitcoin is to jump in and get some in your "pocket" to experience how it works.

Despite how difficult and dangerous the difficulty can be, it is much easier and safer than you think. In many ways, it's probably simpler than opening a traditional bank account. And because of the banking system, it's probably safer.

There are a few things to learn: getting and using a software wallet, learning about sending and receiving money, learning buying a bitcoin from a person or a swap.


Before you start, you need to get a purse for yourself. You can do this simply by signing up for one of the stock exchanges that will hold you a wallet for you. And though I think you're finally going to buy one or more wallets, you have to start one on your computer to feel better about bitcoin and because the replacement is still experimental. When we get to the stage of the conversation, I'll advise you to move money and coins from exchanges in your habit or diversify the exchange programs to keep you safe. What is the wallet?

This is the method for storing bitcoins. Specifically, this is software that is designed to store bitcoin. You can run it on your desktop, laptop, mobile device (except Apple) and store bitcoins on things like thumb drives. If you're worried you're broken, that's a good option. Even Winklevoss * twins, millions of millions investing in bitcoin, invest in their hard drives on hard drives that are placed in a security container.

* Winklevoss twins are those who originally created ideas for a community site, Facebook. They hired Mark Zuckerberg, who became his own idea and became extremely wealthy. What do you need to know about having a bitcoin wallet on your computer?

Below you can download the original bitcoin wallet or client in Windows or Mac format. These are not just purses but are actually part of the bitcoin network. They will receive, store and send bitcoins. Click to create one or more titles (the title is a number that looks like this: 1LyFcQatbg4BvT9gGTz6VdqqHKpPn5QBuk). You will see a field where you can copy and paste that number from a person you want to send and disconnect from that person directly to that person's wallet. You can even create a QR code that lets someone make a picture with an app on your phone and send you some bitcoin. It's completely safe to get them out – the title and the QR code on both my donations page.

NOTE: This kind of wallet counts as a wallet for you and part of the bitcoin system. The operation of bitcoin is that all transactions are transmitted through the whole system and recorded as a number (ie every transaction is confirmed and the network itself becomes irrevocable). Any computer with the right software can be part of this system, monitoring and supporting the network. This portfolio serves as a personal wallet and supports that system. Therefore, make sure your computer's memory is 8-9 gigabytes. Once you've installed the wallet, it will last one day until the wallet synchronizes with the network. This is normal, does not damage the computer and makes the system safer, so it's a good idea.

Bitcoin Qt

  • The Original Wallet
  • This is a full-featured wallet: create multiple addresses for receiving bitcoins, simply send bitcoins, track transactions, and back up your wallet
  • this is a very easy-to-use option.
  • To download a Bitcoin Qt mobile phone, visit your site.


  • Runs Bitcoi Qt at the top, so the same synchronization requirements
  • Armory allows backups, encryption, and bitcoins shutdown.
  • Bitcoin Armory Wallet to find their place.

If you do not want to use so much memory or do not want to wait for your wallet to sync, there are wallets that do not sync the entire history of bitcocin: [19645002] 19659002]

  • Quickly synchronized light purse. This is very useful for new users.
  • Find Bitcoin's Multibit wallet to find your site.


  • With this quick and easy solution, this wallet allows you to recover lost data with a password.
  • Use your Bitcoin Electum Wallet to find your site.

After you receive the wallet, click on me for a few minutes. Things to Look For:

o There will be a page that shows how many bits are in the wallet. Note that bitcoins can be split into smaller pieces, so you can see a lot of zeros after one decimal. (An interesting comment, 0.00000001 after a Satoshi, the pseudo-famous Bitcoin creator).

o There will be an area that will show you what your latest transactions are like.

o There is an area with a QR code (as found above). You do not need the QR code if you do not want it, but if you run a business and you want to accept bitcoin, all you have to do is accept the payment to show someone the QR code. make a picture of him and you will be able to send money to you. You will also be able to create as many titles as you want, so if you want to track where the money comes from, each of your payees can get a separate tagged address.

o There is an area with a box to paste the code if you want to send money or money to someone or yourself.

There are other options and features, but these are the items that you need to know.

Getting the First Bitcoins

Now that you have a portfolio, of course you want to try them out.

The first place, .

This is a web site that delivers a small amount of bitcoin for people to use. Its original version was guided by Bitcoin's leading developer Gavin Andreson. This site has since been closed and this site works by sending one or two ads per month. You agree to receive these messages with the request of bitcoins. Copy and paste the new bitcoin address and enter the phone number to which you will receive SMS. SMS is sent to ensure that people will not come back anymore because there is nothing to create a bitcoin address. Once or twice a month, they are sending ads to support their operations. The amount they send is trivial: 0.0015 BTC (or 1.5 mBTC). However, they work almost instantly to check if their title and wallet work. It is also enough to get that part of bitcoin. (No Exclusion Statement: I do not have a link to this site and do not get anything if you use them, I just think it's a good way to wet your feet)

Congratulations! the bitcoin economy.

To get a little wet on your feet, you can go to gilding. There are some services and websites that will pay for bitcoin to do things like accessing certain sites, making online surveys, or watching sponsored videos. These are harmless and you can also search for some extra bitcoins, but it's important to note that these are the businesses that will pay when people click on their links on their site. They essentially repay part of what they pay for you. There is nothing illegal or even immoral about it (you may like what you see and buy!), But they are often sparkling and can not be quite simple. All I've tried (especially has already paid advertisements. It is interesting to experiment with these, but even with the probable increase in bitcoin value, you will not be millionaire. So unless you're an advertising drug, I'd suggest you go on. If you try it, just google "free bitcoin" or something along the lines and find a lot of places.

Buy Bitcoin Hand-to-Hand

is the true test for bitcoin. Can people easily trade there? If that does not happen then it can not actually be a bitcoin economy because retailers will not be able to use it. If retailers can not use it, what kind of ground is it good for? Fortunately, this is not really a problem. The iPhone is a bit sticky, but many smartphones have applications (mobile wallets) that can read QR codes and allow anyone to send to anyone. You can also display your QR code or even carry a card in your wallet with the QR Code to send people bitcoin. Depending on what wallet you have, you can check if you have received the bitcoins.

Some comments:

  • When you create your wallet, by clicking on it a little, you'll see an option to pay a fee for speeding up transactions. This money becomes available to a Bitcoin Miner as it processes bitcoin information. Miners related to the creation of data blocks keep the system up-to-date. The fee will be an incentive for the miner to make sure that he or she gets your data into the next block of information and is therefore "checked". In the short term, miners spend most of their money by mining new coins (see Bitcoins for more information). In the long run, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to find new coins, and with the growth of the economy, fees are an incentive for miners to create more blocks and hold economies. Your wallet should be set to pay 0 as a default by default, but you may need to add a prize for ranking your transactions if necessary. You are not required to pay a fee, and many organizations that process a number of tiny transactions (such as those for the gold described above) will generate a sufficient prize for miners' happiness.
  • or associated with certain transactions, a comment on the confirmation will appear. When a transaction is executed, the information is sent to the network and the network sends a confirmation that there is no double entry for bitcoin. It's okay to wait until you get more confirmation before you leave the paid person. In fact, it's not very easy to fool someone by hand, and this is not very cost effective for the criminal, but it can be done.

Where can this buy bitcoin?

  • There may be a Bitcoin Meetup in the neighborhood.
  • You can visit to find close-up people who are interested in buying or selling.
  • Some people are trying to launch local street swapping world. These are called Buttonwoods after the first street change founded on Wall Street in 1792 on a button tree. See if there is one or you are going to start one in the neighborhood.
  • Check out if there are friends who want to try bitcoins. In fact, as many people start to use bitcoin, the bigger and more successful. Please tell me two of your friends.

Some people ask if it is possible to buy physical bitcoins. The answer is yes and no. Bitcoin by nature is a digital currency and has no physical form. There are, however, some ways to practically hold a bitcoin in your hand:

  • Cascascius Coins: These are Mike Caldwell's brainchilds. He pays physical coins and then incorporates the private keys of the bitcoins inside them. You can get a private key by removing a hologram from the coin, which then clearly shows that the coin was manipulated. Mike went out of the way to make sure he trusted you. They are a good investment strategy, as in the coming years these coins may be huge collectors.
  • Paper Backpacks: Paper purse means that instead of storing bitcoin data in a digital wallet, key information is printed with a private key and keeps your safe, drawer or mattress safe (if you like). This is a highly recommended and cost-effective system to keep Bitcoin safe. Remember, however, that someone could steal them, or if the house is burned, they will go to the house and there will be no way to bring them back. It's really nothing more than cash. Just as with Casascius Coins, there will not be any good spending until you put them back in the computer.

* Software simplifies printing your paper wallet. is one of the best and contains a good introduction to how to use them.

* Bitcoins are not actually listed in the wallet, they are still online. In fact, the outside of the wallet has a QR code that allows you to reach the coin at any time.

* In the enclosed part of the purse, there will be a private key without which you can not access the coins. So just place as many coins as you want to reach. You will not knock this thing off and buy a few coins to buy a cup of coffee. We'd rather imagine a piggy bank. To get the money, you have to collapse. It is possible to extract smaller amounts, but at this point the security of the wallet is compromised and it becomes easier for someone to steal the coins. It's better to have them all in and out.

* People who use paper bag purses are generally aware of security and have a number of ways to overcome the world by defeating your computer. offers a lot of advice on how to print your wallets safely.

Some people have also asked to buy bitcoins on eBay. Yes, they are possible, but far too overrated. So selling on eBay may look like a better option, as the extreme indicator is above market value. But like anything that's too good to be true, it's too good to be true. As explained in the next section, bitcoin sales are too risky. In the next section I will explain some keys to buying Bitcoin exchanges. Before I do, let me give you a warning.

A brief history lesson: When people first started creating real business based on bitcoin, they used every tool available to any merchant. Credit card and PayPal were sold. The problem with this business model quickly noticed: bitcoin transactions are not reversible to anyone except the recipient of the money. Credit cards and PayPal have strong customer protection policies that make it relatively easy for people to call for chargebacks. So terrible individuals realized this and started buying bitcoin, and then they will be asked for a chargeback sooner or later. And since bitcoin is a non-physical product that is sent by new and misunderstood technology devices, sellers could not argue this. For this reason, sellers have accepted the acceptance of credit cards and PayPal.

This was a big problem in the currency: How to move between buyers and the seller? Some business has emerged, which is due to bitcoin, when it has tied up the money. Very often these companies would give titles in Albania, Poland or Russia. The fact that many of them worked and there are many stories in forums who bought bitcoins in this way. But it took a long time, and in the meantime, the buyer had to bite his nails just to ask their bitcoins or kiss the investment boom.

In my opinion, bitcoin becomes more acceptable and valuable to the Prince of Nigeria's scam version. So the warning is: there is now a change and other business that makes money easy for money exchange and stock market. Never hook up the money for bitcoin. It was a short lived and forgotten moment in the history of bitcoin.

Next, I'm going to talk about how to buy from a bitcoin exchange and review some of the best-known exchanges

Source by Mark Andrew Norton

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