How To Attract a Girl Who Already Has a Boyfriend

Guys, have you ever been in a situation when you met and got married to a girl, and found that she already has a boyfriend? Let's face it. If a girl is attractive enough, there is a high chance that she is already in a relationship. This means that you've got the competition even right before you start.

But do not get disheartened just as yet. I am here to tell you that YES, it is possible to hook up with that woman of your dreams, even though she is already in a relationship. I will tell you how to do this in this article.

First things first. The reality is that if a girl is already happy and contented with her relationship, there's absolutely nothing to do that would make her ditch her partner to be with you. Therefore, if she decides to go out with you anyway, it is a sign that she is not that happy with her boyfriend. Which is good news for you.

How do you pull her away from her boyfriend then? Here are two surefire ways that will stack the game in your favor.

first Develop an intense EMOTIONAL connection with her . Note the emphasis on the emotional & # 39; You should never try to give her "logical" reason to make her ditch her boyfriend and be with you. Instead, evoke emotions in her to feel pleasurable when she is with you. This way, you will bypass her "guilty switches" and make it irresistible to be with you.

2nd Find out what she wants in a & # 39; perfect & # 39; relationship, and amplify the deficiencies of her boyfriend . This is an application of the famous & # 39; ericit values ​​& # 39; tactic used by pick artists. First, ask her about what's important to her, and the thing that she really desires. Once you get her in this frame, quickly switch topic to talk about her boyfriend, and indirectly lead her to compare him with what she would want in an ideal relationship. Most of the time, this would make her realize how flawed her partner is.

These techniques are especially effective when her partner is not necessarily meeting her core requirements, and more so if she is already seeking ways to leave him. You just need to push the right buttons and she will be yours in no time at all.

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