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Over time, new applications and tools are launched in the online market. In fact, the popularity of web applications and mobile applications has increased in recent years. We've also tested the launch of smartphones such as Apple iPhones and iPads and Google Android. And now, tablet devices and cloud applications are becoming more popular in the market. This article discusses the incredible evolution of applications.

Web Applications in the Past

In the early days of the web, web applications did little. In fact, the websites were static and made with older HTML versions. The client who requests data requests the server to send the data to the customer in response to the request and the connection has been closed. Because of the use of dial-up modems, the data transfer rate was not too high. Therefore, people did not carry out serious business on the Internet.

The scenario has changed a bit with Java's programming language by developing Sun Microsystems. What distinguished Java from other languages ​​was its work with almost every tool. Then later to provide a language that complements Java, but can be easily used by non-professional programmers. JavaScript was developed by Netscape (the company that named the first popular web browsers as Netscape Navigator). JavaScript enabled programmers to manage user interaction and modify web page display.

Are web applications working today?

There has been a lot of changes in the web world, but the operating principles of web applications are still the same. Even today, browsers request data from servers. But the way in which data input is input has improved a lot so users can provide an optimum browsing experience than ever before. Nowadays, there is much to do within the browser, it is not necessary to return the data to the server multiple times.

Developing mobile apps

A mobile app is a software application that runs on smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices. Today, users worldwide use mobile apps (or applications) to handle tasks, entertainments and many other reasons. Access to app stores, such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, and others.

Almost all mobile devices browse web-based applications, but mobile apps work on a particular mobile phone. For example, an iOS app designed for iPhone does not work on the Android operating system (unless the app is Android-specific).

Presentation cloud applications

Cloud-based application is an application program that anyone can use with a web tool for the Internet. These applications are ideal for enterprise-level organizations or business types, as they help you create, monitor, and manage your tasks. Most importantly, it allows users to work offline. In the future, cloud computing needs to be counted.


In the coming years, a number of further improvements are expected in people's access to access or applications.

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