How smart is smartphone?

The latest technology in mobile communication is the "smartphone". The days on the phone just make calls (and if you were very lucky, take the pictures) they are well and very over. A demanding, tech-savvy popup wants a phone that will provide them with various features, including internet access, ability to send and receive email, and even edit Word documents. Your smartphone does all of this – and more.

In order to understand the importance of developing smartphones, we first need to examine their legacy. The smartphone is the convergence of traditional mobile phones or mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) like the Palm Pilot. While mobile phones were designed exclusively to make and receive calls, PDAs were used as portable, personal organizers. A PDA could store your contact information and & # 39; to do & # 39; list and connect to your primary computer. As the technology moved, PDA developed the ability to receive and send email. Mobile phones, in the meantime, got a plethora of additional features like messages. Two technologies ran side by side, each developed the same capabilities as the other, including wireless capabilities. Finally, someone had a bright idea of ​​combining two in one, portable package. Your smartphone was born.

The main features of your smartphone depend on the type or model you decide to purchase, but only the minimum requirements for searching or considering when buying smartphones are:

Operating System 19659002] Usually, smartphone will be based on an operating system that will enable running software. For example, the blackberry runs its own operating system, while others run on a Windows mobile phone. There are smartphones running a descended version of Linux, but they are struggling to compete on Windows or Apple Aps & # 39; system. If you are looking for a smartphone, consider which operating system your other technology is running if you want to connect your smartphone with a laptop successfully.


While almost all cell phones contain some kind of software, smartphones have taken it to a new level. A good smartphone will give you the ability to create and edit Microsoft Office documents, download applications like personal finance managers, edit images, open GPS navigation systems, and create playlists of digital tracks. The explosion of "aps" apps for the latest touch screen phones is pushing software to the limit, with downloadable software available for almost anything you can name.

Web Access

Using technology requirements, the most demanding 24/7 Internet access, no network operator would deny you access to the internet. The latest smartphones can be accessed on the web at a faster rate thanks to the development of 3G data networks and the addition of Wi-Fi support.

Qwerty keyboard

If you are sending an email from your phone, you really need a Qwerty keyboard. This can be a part of hardware (like computer keyboard but in small) or like a new touch screen phone, part of the screen.


All mobile phones can send and receive text messages, while smartphones can go better and receive emails. A Others may also include access to popular chat topics like MSN or Yahoo! Messenger.

Not only the technology that makes smartphone smart. It is the application of this technology to produce a mobile phone that makes much more than just sending and receiving calls or taking awesome photos. The smartphone has been dead in the palm of the pilot – why do you have two technologies when you can combine everything in one lightweight and comfortable mobile phone?

Never release it on a difficult surface …

Source by Alison Brundle

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