How should the iPhone mobile app market be?

The App Store is very competitive with more than 700,000 applications, 25 billion downloads and still counting. Leading industry experts say Apple can almost sell 23 million new iPhone 5 devices by the end of 2012. Apple has sold 85 million iPhones and 34 million iPads since 2007 since 2010. But each one is unsuccessful, only a few are innovative and intuitive. Countless people are neglected. There are more and more developers who have many expectations for displaying graphing applications. The iPhone application developer gives millions of dollars to ideas for apps. A successful marketing strategy has to be adopted to be able to become an application with many downloads and sales. If you are a mobile app developer and you want to develop it, you need to understand the rankings, focus on the ecosystem and focus on the target segment, which clearly differentiates the others from the others. The marketing methods you use have many things that can be used to maximize the success of your apps. How can you promote your app that people talk a lot and buy and share with their friends?

If you follow the simple rules below, you will improve your odds of being a winning app. These tips and tricks are simple and are largely neglected in the marketing plan.

Unique Value

The best way to get the app out of the crowded App Store. This can be achieved by building a unique application that is stimulating and stimulating. There are thousands of apps that are trying to make quick money with Maltese applications with the mobile app developer . Try to create a new product or expand existing categories. It's up to you if you're only trying to fix your app when you've been remunerated.


Whether you want to launch your app or already available on the market and maximize the exposure of your app so that new users can download apps for weeks or even months. drum. What kind of target audience will you need? How to promote your app in many places?

From the Ideas of the Box

Few have the ability to rotate new categories on the market. Unless you have an application idea in the box, fix the existing category of the property or take advantage of the hardware to create a unique experience. So you can choose interest and grasp the crowd's attention and how to sell apps in the App Store.


Analyze app ideas, research competitors, and identify your target audience to evaluate sales opportunities.

Promotions via Dedicated Website

Create a site that supports your app and use the App Store to market your product. You must create links to the app in the App Store so that anyone who finds the app can directly access your site. At the same time, create unique links from your site.

In-app marketing

There are different business models for monetizing business applications, such as in-app ads, associated programs, and in-app purchases.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your app with social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Use Twitter as a tool for people to talk about you and gain greater visibility for better sales. Develop conversations with a unique value.

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