How NOT to manage your Facebook page of your business

Facebook Facebook your company can be the turning point for your business. If you have not yet created a page dedicated to your business, you should – it is very easy to move. And if you already have, there are many methods that you can choose to manage your site. You could be lost in all those "complex methods". Therefore, you may need some advice so that you do not delete your business by misusing Facebook.

I made some important examples of what's NOT doing when you manage your Facebook business page. Not learning from these examples is a clear way to lose your current and prospective customers.

First example: Managing your business as it's your private profile

If you think it's your business and your FB site so you can do anything you want – you're wrong. If you try to create a bigger buzz and traffic – it's not the right way. People realize that your business is meaningless and has nothing to do with the company and can even stop doing business with you.

The status you submit to your site MUST be appropriate for what you sell / present / do. Publishing everything that appears in your head on your fan page is probably what you could do.

Second example: Make an order on your Facebook page

Creating a fan page means you're aware that not only are satisfied customers to comment on it. So do not expect only positive feedback. Reading negative comments is not fun, but that's just how social media work.

Do not leave your composition and start deleting all negative comments. By censuring your Facebook page will do much more harm than you could imagine. People will quickly discover that your website is "fake" and unlike that. Remember: Do not censor your site for as long as it is possible.

Try to edit negative comments on your Facebook page in something positive. It gives you the opportunity to explain your mistakes, show your concerns about your customers and so on. Also – maybe satisfied users will answer these negative comments? Just imagine the credibility you'll get if positive feedback appears from other customers who are not from you!

Third example: Being too serious

You Facebook Facebook page should not look like your business. Just creating it and sending some links to your products is certainly not enough. You need to join followers and fans. And sending only photos of what you are selling will not take part in many.

You should control your Facebook page differently – consider targeting before sending anything. Who would you like to attract your site? What do you want to connect with? Ask questions, create contests, post tips, links to interesting videos – do many different things. If you are going to create your Facebook page and leave it up without updating it, you should not create it first.

Future Example: Remember, it's about Quality No Quantity

Why did you create this FB page? To promote your products. Right. And you probably think that more posts are updated the better. Well, that's not exactly right. The more a "spammer". So you update the page every hour will be viewed by your followers as spam and they will ignore your posts.

Update your Facebook page wisely and not at any time! Let your potential customers know, give them some photos of new products in one post (no other picture – different posts). Your goal is to attract people to the brand, not to annoy them.

The Facebook site of your company can help you build a solid customer base. But you should never forget that managing the FB page is different than selling your product on your official website or online store. Therefore, I reminded you that 4 examples of how to manage your company Facebook page. I hope you will find them useful!

Source by Jack Samuelson

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