How Modern Technology Continues Developing

With every new wave of technological progress, it is hard to remember what life was like before "old" technology was characterized. Think about the Walkman. At the time it was found, people were offered the opportunity to take their music or a phonebook with them wherever they went. The first generation of Walkman's were pretty clunky, but they soon learned how to make them smaller.

Then came the disc, which gave the opportunity to skip a particular song and better sound quality. Soon, the cassette Walkman was forgotten. Similarly, CD Walkman or Discman was soon obsolete by the MP3 player. These devices offered the opportunity to listen to a few plates, all in a device that is no bigger than a pack of cigarettes.

Now we have what seems like the world at your fingertips, quite literally. We can listen to our entire music collection, download new songs on the go, watch music on YouTube or TV, browse all the information we choose about artists on the internet all the way we get our phone, camera, email center among many other apps. .

Have you ever wondered what makes this possible. Continuous progress is no small part of the army of scientists and inventors who dare to constantly do things better. Paul Eisler founded in 1936 the first printed circuit (PCB). These are electronic internal features that have enabled me to become smaller devices and offer ever-increasing functionality. Without them, we could not even have been able to see the evolution of the first Walkers all the years ago. Since then, inventors have developed and rebuilt more and more ways to improve the small technology that we take on course every day.

Try to imagine having to explain what your smartphone can do to someone who fell asleep in 1980 and just woke up! They would think you were completely annoyed. When the radio was found, Marconi was almost shared and sent on mental illness, as no-one could understand the term radio waves and their use in communication. Fortunately, he was not and the radio was one of the technologies that changed the world for the better.

Next time you pick up your phone, listen to music on your MP3 player or do anything that has an electronic device that's involved, even if it's washing, thinking about the fact that everything was done with some Very clever people and the little old printed circuit!

Source by Timothy Tavender

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