How Men and Women Communicate

Research has shown that men's and women's communication styles differ significantly from one another. This difference will help a couple to better manage finances and achieve more effective goals. Unfortunately, these benefits are not experienced by all men and women. Compatibility does not necessarily appear in daily interactions, as both are better off with the differences and both do not experience the benefits of collaboration.

Men are more likely to express their needs, interests, and wants, and wait until others do the same things. Women, however, are inclined to ask questions or to put down a question. This often leads the men to figure out what their female partners want. Women give careful answers without expressing what they want exactly.

Men are talking and interrupting while women respond to what others have said and often do not return to the topic after they have been interrupted.

People talk about money in a competitive way: "My equity investment has risen." On the other hand, women are not talking about money in a competitive manner. They are still trying to avoid the subject of money.

Let's look closer to the different characters of men and women.

Men's nature

People love talking about impersonal issues, and rarely admit that they are struggling with financial problems and needing help solving them. They tend to emphasize the joys of freedom on the obligations and make decisions without their partner. People want to go straight to the center of the problem, or they are important to achieve their goals. For example, men go to the washroom to deliver something. On the other hand, women use the toilet to dust, gossip and hang. It is obvious that women are holding a multipurpose room.

When they communicate, people love to start the problem and focus on women while on the contrary. This is due to the fact that men have a mono-tracking brain, which is why they can concentrate on one of the topics in the conversation. If the conversation touches on many other topics and goes on, they silence the relevant information. Women are much more involved in many conversations, as they have more tracking brains.

How to Communicate with Men

Men's nature is more rigid than women, and this must be understood during conversations. Avoid communication style that does not exist. This will not impress them and they will think bad about their peers. Try the point, analyze the problem carefully, avoid side-tracking, use logic to express your opinion, avoid conversation from others, recognize simple words and definite sound, evaluate them (start the ego), avoid negative judgments, and avoid it if possible the debts. Use accurate numbers when you talk to people. By highlighting a more rational style and numbers men can better understand men. Therefore, when entering the instructions, avoid the uncertain signals, but give them precise signals to help you find their way.

The nature of women

There is a huge difference between women and men. Women like to talk about themselves, their financial problems, and if needed, ask for help. They do not consider it a burden. With the multi-tracking brain, women can talk more quickly about different topics, which is a wonderful thing. Women love to talk about others. They can talk about others for hours with their female friends. It is easy to express their feelings and opinions. They appreciate friendship and ask for help and guidance from their friends. They are less independent in decision making and they need the help of men.

Women like to hear such beautiful words that sound like ears in their ears. Sensitive issues are discussed indirectly and use pictorial examples to discuss the problem. However, they are good students and it is difficult to lie. Women show the honesty of others through their body language and voice. Because of this, people love to go through the phone, which is much safer!

Communication with Women

Women whose beauty is more sensitive than men and many other excellent exercises, all of which require a gentle approach. If we make a mistake, it will be difficult to fix it. In communication with women, they try to avoid the situation, talk about social things and everyday life to attract their attention, use gentle and civilized words, use social and psychological words, use moderate tones, and use decent and targeted body language. You can highlight some topics, but avoid statistics, numbers, and other accurate data. Use a warm and friendly psychological approach. Evaluate them by praising all women in general. Of course they congratulate their clothes and accessories at the beginning of the conversation. Women love to create friendships instead of cold and rigid business relationships.

They like to promote long-term relationships, and unlike men, they do not like relationships with a cost-benefit approach. When entering the instructions, do the following: "The address you are looking for is not far from here, you just have to pass McDonalds on your left and the building you're looking for is just in front of you." There are no exact figures in this explanation, and this is much more understandable to women than to men.

Source by Martin Hahn

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