How many cell phones are there in the world?

The number of mobile phone companies worldwide has risen to over 3.3 billion. When you take into account the world's population, it's 6.6 billion, which means that 1 in 2 people own mobile phones. Staggering 50%.

More than two thirds of mobile subscribers in the past 2 years have come from developing countries. Africa has also played a strong role in the growth of the mobile phone company. This trend brings positive light in the developing world as they begin to reach the world.

At the same time, India and China combined 297 million new mobile phone companies with an annual average annual rate of 22 percent.

The mobile phone's rapid growth is helping people to drop traditional landline phones, for convenient and sometimes cheaper mobile phones. This is especially noted in countries such as Africa, America and the UK. As the mobile industry grows, it seems that fixed landlines are set to see a steady decline over the coming years.

Although the developing countries are making great progress in mobile phone growth, the internet and broadband times do not follow the same pattern. Highland countries are responsible for 66 percent of all broadband subscribers, although they account for only 16 percent of the world's population.

Hopefully, as the mobile phone company grows in these countries, we could start to see 3G and HDSPA like Internet access. Mobile networks have recently gone big in the UK and America. Simply dongle and you can have broadband access from almost anywhere in the country anytime.

Source by Matt Woodward

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