How it looks after the iPhone – Tips

If you want to buy valuable things, such as a mobile phone, you need to be careful about valuable items, and it is essential that you understand the tips you need to take before you can handle it. Today, the iPhone is one of the most valuable and very useful and necessary elements for everyone, as this is not just a valuable gadget for you, but your valuable resource and collection of contacts, so it is imperative to take care of the valuable iPhone and you need to know these tips , with which iPhone can stay in the highest quality. There are several tips to help you get valuable iPhone. Here are some tips that are really useful to increase iPhone life. Therefore, accept the following tips for caring for your phone

1. Just as the iPhone speaker is to the left and the microphone is on the right side of the phone. If you feel that someone is unable to hear you and you can not hear anything, people are more likely to believe that the sound system is damaged. But the holes may get clogged with debris

2. For iPhone, it is a common problem that cracks are placed around the headphone jack and the docking unit. Since the plastic is very thin here, it is recommended to use a hard case for the iPhone. You should use the skin protector on the glass to protect the iPhone screen.

3rd The iPhone should not be exposed to temperatures of up to 100 degrees at the extremity and 40 degrees at the lower end as this may damage the performance of the iPhone battery. Always check that the iPhone is warming up or not. It may be from the heat of the iPhone, or from the reflected heat of the sun.

4th The problem may be another form of application damaging and freezing web pages. It may be because of the iPhone memory problem. Be careful when some applications crash. The problem may be with those applications. And if some pages freeze, the websites may be too big. The best way to remove this problem is to restart the phone, as this will save the load from memory – turn it off and on again.

5th Sometimes iPhone may not be fully charged. This may be because of the phone chip. Therefore, leave your battery completely dead and charge it until the battery is fully charged. Now you run it completely again. This process can synchronize the chips.

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