How do you close applications on the Surface Tablet?

It has been a while since Microsoft Surface-ed with the table that was requested by many users for design, battery life and features, etc.. Looking at the level of the tablet market, Microsoft Surface seems to be well-received by current and prospective users for the needs of the tablets, by competing with Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and Google Nexus among others. If I'm not wrong, the whole world always seems to be interested in Microsoft's offerings in competition with its rivals, especially Apple as iPads are world famous for smooth design, beautiful looks, long lasting battery life, applications, and modern features that really cling to the life of the young generation .

With Microsoft Surface, Microsoft has demonstrated that it may also require space in the fleet market without being abandoned by users who really believe in Apple or other tablet tablets. Include all the main discussions, side discussions, and criticisms, and use the Surface chart. Although current users can tell new users to know how to get around the Surface tablet, they may be a problem while opening or closing applications, configuring email, installing Wi-Fi and streaming devices, and more. . There are several other problems that users may face due to various reasons.

I spent some time investigating the status of Microsoft Surface to help users to use it in any way. My studies were related to the tablet closure program. While I was going through my other blog, I was overrated by email and comments about asking how to close applications on Microsoft Surface. Obviously it is necessary to close the active applications once you have used them. Although it is not required to close all of the active applications after they have been used as Windows, they automatically shut down after a long time, but you still do it if it is selected by you.

Indeed, many users, including me, want to close the active applications and the applications on the screen before they actually go to do other things. It's a good job because it will increase battery life, save resources, and focus on things you would do after closing your active programs without being distracted. So here I'm going to tell you how you can close applications on the Microsoft Surface table. Check out these three simple shortcuts:

· To close an application, just click on the top edge of the screen and drag it down at the bottom of the screen. Your application will be closed.

· Apart from this, you can use shortcuts on the touch screen to close the active app. To do that, you need to click the Alt + Fn key on the touchscreen while holding down the play / pause button and the active app will be closed.

· You can also press old, popular hotkeys Alt + F4 to close all active applications.

You can now have a happy tablet all your personal and professional tasks, including emails, presentations, music, social networks, shopping, browsing and applications. Happy birthday!

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