How do I search for a document with an iPhone?

Although pictures of a mobile phone were shot for a long time only last year or so that new smartphones and software have created legitimate document scanning tools.

iPhone and iPhone 4 are examples of smartphones that have a decent camera and good scanning software that allows you to scan on the go.

Select an application

To start mobile scanning, of course, you need a phone, but it's so important that you need good software. Yes, I'm talking about an application.

Visit the iTunes App Store and view the various options for document retrieval applications. Some features are:

  • Adjusting Brightness and Contrast
  • Color and Black and White Scanning
  • Cutting Capability
  • Design Properties
  • Ideally Multiple Scanning

excellent free and pay-per-view.

You do not have to have a clear light to perform a decent test, but the greater the illumination, the better the result. Try not to shield the side if you help.

Take a picture of the page

After installing the software and having a good side to your page, it's time to read it.

Unplug the scanning application and tap the icon to take a picture. Most software looks like a camera. (You have the option to use an image that is already in the camera).

Get as close as possible while still grabbing the text on the page. Keep in mind that you do not have to be better at the top of the page (in fact you probably have a shadow if you do). Instead, be at a small angle. Press the camera button and you will usually have the option to scan the picture and take the picture again or accept it.

Determine page margins

If the scanner application is (and should) function, it is time to specify page bounds. In almost every application, this is done by having a square around the page. He tries to figure out where the text is, though guesswork is often not perfect. Use your fingers to drag the rectangle around the text, and then press Process or any other appropriate button in the app.

Document Enhancements

This section provides you with an opportunity to review the newly excised document. If you look good, you're probably ready to save. However, the application will probably offer additional opportunities to enhance the image. You can adjust it to black and white or color, and adjust the brightness and contrast better.

Add Multiple Pages

If there is only one page document set, set. However, if there are more than one page, at this point you can access the plus button in most applications and allow you to make another image and attach it as another page of the document. Continue until you've captured all the pages.

Save and Export

Once your site is ready, it's time to save it. You can save the document in your app, and usually send it to you (or someone else) in PDF format. Some applications may have additional export features, such as sending a document to Evernote, Google Docs or other cloud services.

Using an iPhone Docking Scanner never replaces the right desktop document scanner, but if you're on the go or simply do not feel like running a card through a scanner, the quality of the phone and app available has never been better.

Source by Brooks Duncan

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