How do I delete the iPhone keyboard keyboard?

Having typed your iPhone for a long time, the chances of mistakes were mistaken during typing and improved by the iPhone spell checker software. Or, in my case – especially because I work in the computer industry – the iPhone has disapproved of many of the acronyms that are wrong.

I would like to use the word "DD" as a simple example for my devdaily site, but if I write it fast and I do not pay attention, the iPhone software will "correct" the "DE". Well, "DE" is not right, but the iPhone has corrected it so many times when I did not see that it does not keep up with the behavior.

Since there are many similar acronym problems, I was finally surprised, is there a way to restore my iPhone typing term?

After I got the answer, I finally found it. You can reset your spelling dictionary on your iPhone and probably your iPad by following the steps below:

  • On the home screen, touch Settings
  • and then the General button
  • . Scroll to the bottom of the list and touch Reset
  • Touch Reset Keyboard Dictionary

When this happens, iPhone will display the window containing the following:

"Deletes all custom words you typed on the keyboard and returned the keyboard to the factory default settings. "

If you're sure this is what you want, go ahead and continue the process, but if not, just tap the Cancel button.

In my case, I did this recently, and now I'm working on rebuilding the dictionary, this time with a little cautiousness.

Source by Alvin Alexander

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