How do I delete apps from Android or my iPhone?

No matter what you do, do not throw iPhone or Android out of the window just because you run out of space for applications! There are so many applications available Now it's easy to go a little "app crazy", buy applications just because you see them at the review site or in the app store. It's all good and good until you need to download something on your phone and the memory is full because you have too many applications. Well, it's an easy solution for what will delete the applications from your device.

In Android:

Maybe you went a little crazy to buy an application. Out of space are we? There are just so many apps for the kids now on Android. So many of them are free in fact it's quite easy to fill my phone. Perhaps you're morally opposed to whatever you picked up? Whatever your reason, if you want to get rid of the application you downloaded, follow these steps:

Launch the Market
Hold the menu button, which is a small four-square-button next to the home button at the bottom of your screen. Then hit "my apps".
Applications are sorted by the latest update. Scroll through the list and tap the application you want to remove.
You will see the "Uninstall" button right next to a button that says "Update". Click it and confirm. Hit "Ok" and you're done
Now that you have more space, you may want to download some new ones. Check out our Android Apps for reviews on the hottest new apps!

On iPhone:

If you've tried downloading apps for your kid without contacting our great web site and great reviews first, you're likely to be in a situation where you need to delete someone your applications. How do I delete the app?

Hold on the screen for a few seconds
You will see that the icons on the screen start igniting
at the top left of each application icon, you'll see a little x
Tap x and the program is gone !
Note: To stop the applications from wiggling, just click on the "home" button. (The only real button on the iPhone)
Can I recover the program after I've deleted it?

Are your apps synced with iTunes? If so, you can probably, if not … time to new!

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