How clever is your shopping cart?

You go into the grocery store and take up what? Paperback on advertised ads? It's yesterday! Just do not tell me you've also drawn up a shopping list that is screwed on a piece of used-to-be-a-tree. Its electronic age, so let your shopping cart be a shopping guide. Imagine a trolley equipped with a small electronic terminal that would help you with many time-consuming and stressful aspects of stores. First, it would get your shopping list from your smartphone via Bluetooth, inform you about current promotions of items you're going to get and then map out the best shopping test that will save you from going to search for pepperoni that they keep moving every week. How are you sure you have everything you intended? Your magic trolley scans every item you put in it, so scratch it off your list and give you the price of the item and the total number of yours. And you know what? Since your basketball now knows how much you've been worth it, do not take it out of the basket and run through a cashier when you're shopping. Just come to the terminal, pay and go to play.

Imagine impressing your family with a cook-friendly dinner, but scared that your recipe will miss a small taste of the meal you have in mind and let the car choose all the ingredients and send you the recipe and cook tips to the smartphone.

Hypersensitivity to food? Enter items you are allergic to and your friend will make sure that what you get contains none of that stuff (and of course, it will remember it and share it with all other carts so you do not have to enter it. every time you come in).

Worried about your waist? Set appropriate limits on trans fat, carbohydrates, sodium (or whatever else you can think of) the material and the basket will draw you attention every time you put any offense in it.

Are you one of us – people who go to the same grocery all the time and each time you get 80% of the same things? Well, visiting your shopping cart got to know your shopping practices and now you can remind yourself that you forget one of your needs, inform you about new products that may be of interest to you or even traded for you! Yes, you can send a reminder for your purchase and when you usually confirm your list and make a few clicks as a server (you knew, the cashier) get it ready for you and all you have to do is to run by opening your tail and, well, your wallet.

Source by Oleksiy Khoroshylov

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