How children can help secure the Internet

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My son is 13 years old and now wants a Facebook account. I have heard all the horror stories and I am very reluctant to allow it. I know many friends are on Facebook and are skipping. What should I do?

This is a big question. We have to know so much about it. The best starting point is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook and the Internet.

1. Advantages and Disadvantages:

Advantages: Facebook, like all social networking sites, strengthens the relationship with friends and family. (I found an old companion from my first year on Facebook.

Children in the camp and their kids who are not in their class or school can stay in touch with Facebook. Children can more easily contact their teachers or trainers to help them become more responsible and organized in their school work and out-of-school activities. this is the real scary part: social networks often lead to computer harassment, sexual predators The experts also deal with the increase in obsessive behavior, not just on Facebook but with blackberry, ipho, itouchs and smooth old

If this is not enough, teachers and coaches can get in touch with parents, the responsibilities of homework and tests from kids to their parents.

2. Become Friends:

Most experts agree that if your child has a Facebook account, you should be a friend to be able to closely monitor your site. You really need your first friend. If you were in a parenting class, you will know that I do not support a child's friend. In their lives the parent, the authority, and the role model must be. This is the exception.

My friend's daughter, Kayla, has a Facebook account. Kayla's uncle is doing a job where he has to keep an eye on Facebook. He often checks the side of Kayla and scares the boys who appeared on the site. Kudos intrusive, huge uncles. Children become intensely annoying with terrible parents, but they tend to abuse their good family.

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