How can you tell the difference between brass and other metals?

Brass is a metal that is very similar to other metal types, especially copper, gold and stainless steel. Although it does not bother most people whether the door handle or the decoration is made of copper, it may be necessary to tell you if you want to fit or clean something else.

The difference between brass and copper:

Because brass is combined with various copper and zinc quantities, we understand that these two metals are often confused.

  • Look closely at the color of the item. If more zinc was used during construction, brass appears to be lighter yellow while copper is reddish-brown and green with corrosion.
  • Listen to the voice and level of the item with a punch. Copper as a softer metal gives a rounder fuller sound while brass is lighter or higher.
  • Find all markings on the item. Often, if you see a mark starting with C and three to five, the element is probably brass (and this tag identifies its chemical composition).

Difference between brass and gold:

Because high zinc brass is clearly yellow, it often blends into gold (which is much more expensive, valuable).

  • Run a magnet over the element. Since brass is magnetic, the magnet is attracted while gold is not (however, note that gold may be alloyed with other metals that may be magnetic).
  • Find all markings on the item. Often, when you see a mark starting with a number, followed by the letter K, the element is gold (since K reflects the golden carat or purity). As already mentioned, the marking of the brass begins with C. The Difference between Brass and Stainless Steel:

    Because both brass and stainless steel can be manipulated with different colors, some people know that the two are confusing.

    • Check the battery for signs of staining or corrosion. Because stainless steel does not rust or stains, if you notice them on the surface of the objects, it is probably copper.
    • Screw the object against another metal object or other hard surface (if you do not mind being damaged). Because stainless steel is very durable when the element is incorporated, it is probably copper. Of course there are other ways to separate the copper alloy from other metals, but the methods listed above are far simpler to finish at home. If you still can not tell the difference, take the battery in a lab to make sure copper components are tested.

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