How can you buy sponsorship offers for your events and projects?

How can you make use of this sponsor for events and projects as a small entrepreneur and make money? Read on to find out how to reach the sponsors arena.

The reason why most large and medium-sized organizations involves sponsoring events or projects because they want to improve their public profile at cheaper prices. Keep in mind that not only large companies are present, and even medium-sized businesses are bouncing on the sponsorship bandwagon and take advantage of sponsorship, including local or community sports, health demonstrations, awareness campaigns, cultural festivals, just to name a few.

There is, in fact, no event or project that is ineligible. But events or projects that often attract sponsors are those that add to the community and indirectly increase the brand image and profits of the organization's products and / or services. Events or projects related to health, education, charity, entertainment, art, empowerment, children and gender are real examples of what may attract sponsorship.

We can also note that events such as Gulder Ultimate Search, Star Quest, Lagos Half Marathon, Argungu Fishing Festival were, among other things, lucky enough to attract annual sponsorship.

What sponsorships are there that I can take advantage of?

There are two types of Sponsors:

  • Support: Many small and large companies are comfortable with this. Your corporate products are issued to you as an event or project. Such companies include Nestle Foods, Nigeria Bottling Company, UAC, MTN, Zain, Etisalat, Globacom, etc. those who need events to project them.
  • Financial Sponsorship: Companies set aside funds for the event or project as long as it is a community-driven project. The amount requested must be fairly accurate and it is necessary to clearly define every step in the analysis of the use of funds. For example, the British Council, Nokia, UAC, Chevron, Texaco, Mobil, British Tobacco Nigeria Ltd, Guinness, Nigerian brewers, Nestle, Wampco, Ford Foundation, Unilever, GTBank, Ecobank. mid-sized companies expect to approach the sponsorship proposals.

Should I sponsor a sponsorship affair?

The painful truth is that it is almost impossible for a person to make a sponsorship deal. Companies are more comfortable dealing with sponsorship proposals that are worn by government or non governmental garments. So, make sure that when you submit a sponsorship proposal, you will wear a protective suit, whether registered or not, including religious groups, clubs, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and private business. to the next section on how to get to the winning sponsorship.

How can I win the winning sponsorship?

What you just have to make sure I suggest you submit the proposal at the beginning of every quarter as most companies review your financial books. You have to follow the suggestion now unless the company claims to come back to you. But a secret that you have to note is trying to cultivate a platoon connection with the official, probably outside the office zone.

The first thing to do is make a short, but sensible suggestion to the selected organization. It is essential that your suggestion tells you how the event or project can move your brand forward and paint the image of your company. But how do you write a winning sponsorship proposal?

Now we need to understand that the proposal must strive for attention from the hordes of other proposals that these companies receive daily. You have to be in your writing, you have to do at least one or two pages, and you just have to keep it. Please note the following tips to write this winner's suggestion.

  • Your headline – this is the subject of the content of the proposal. Write a direct address and sell it yourself. If you can not write one, find a good copywriter who can do it for you.
  • Project / Event – This is the first written proposal. Make it clear that you are explaining your event and do not give details that would not help clear the definition of the project or event purpose.
  • Target Audience – Explain clearly what the project is planning for the public.
  • Type of sponsorship sought – describe the type of sponsorship you need for product or financial sponsorship
  • Sponsorship – Explain what your sponsors support in your proposal because they only put money into their mouths.
  • We introduce your dress – after finishing the above, we will typically describe what your equipment is and why you start the project.
  • Recommended Event Log – Select whether the event or project subject to sponsorship is scheduled. If you do not do this, you may be on a journey, so it takes time.
  • And the last one is your cover – Unplug your cover, which you have to sign for who gets it from you.

Then how can I get money from these sponsorship offers?

You can strike the gold pot in two ways: First, after the successful completion of the event / project, you do not have to repay the remaining money. Everything is yours. Second, you get extra money from gate-takings where you promote the event through the popularity of a known brand as the main sponsor. You can do this 50-50 with the sponsor, but in some cases the sponsors are not interested in this part.

Before submitting your proposal, please visit the chosen company and know who is responsible for managing sponsorship issues.

Get Ready

If you accept the suggestion, do not hang out when you call for the event / project presentation. Be prepared before time and make sure all of the facts.

As well as I knew before, get the official's phone number (if you know) to track it within and outside official hours.

The only thing that can stop you. So continue the sponsorship agreement for events or projects.

Source by Jerry Asemota

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