How can I make the most of my solar cell phone iPhone?

This article is strictly about dubbing iPhone solar-powered over-voltages. They learn how to use Solar Surge, how to determine charging time, where to place the solar cell and how to use the solar charger. Once you have read this, you can follow this and you can use the solar charger for your iPhone.

Probably reading this, so you can learn more about the charger, if so, then on the track, let's start. The beginning is always the simplest, at least on this subject. Unplug the battery from the box, make sure it has the USB cable, the surge and the operating instructions. If you notice the plastic film on the unit's solar panel, just remove it. This is a protective film when it was in the manufacturing process. Just think of copying a new movie from a new mobile phone, here is the same concept.

Then you have to give your computer, your laptop or desktop will be working, make sure you have a USB port. Accept the supplied USB cable and connect the mini pin of the cable to the bottom of the Solar Surge. And the other end of the computer's USB port. We recommend charging the solar charger for the iPhone, like this for the first time, for 3 hours. This is to make the internal battery fully charged so that the Surge behaves as it may be supposed to. After 3 hours, simply unplug the Surge from the computer and place the iPhone in the charging slots, then push it down until you see it fits into the 30 pin connector. One of the things that I remember is the NE FORCE of the iPhone's surge. I repeat, NOT EFFECT In the charger. Solar Surge is specifically designed for 3G and 3G (S) devices, and is therefore forced to potentially damage the unit or iPhone or both, thus making the power of the solar power supply unusable.

The solar cell case is ready for use. Now go on and live as if nothing had changed, if you did not, and you're constantly thinking about the solar charger, you'll leave it to you, believe me. Go to the mall, the store, whatever you do. Soon you have to cut off solar energy, right? This is one of the main reasons for purchasing a solar charger. Read reading, as we'll talk about how to get the most out of your iPhone solar charger.

Now you want to download the free app, this is Solar Planner. This app will tell you what you need to upload your iPhone to audio, video, talk time, surfing, and more. It includes a meter that you select with any function of the phone you want to use. Once you have selected it, make the calculations for you and give you a length of time that tells you how long the day will go. This is a very useful tool.

I suggest you upload your surge in these places. In the workplace, depending on what you are doing. Leave the solar charger on the window sill or on the desk and shine with sun rays. There is a warning window on the front of the charger, which indicates that it lights up red when it is charging. The same is true for households. After a test I realized that they are able to fill indoors but have enough lighting and very close to the bulb. You just have to stick to the outdoor lighting, stronger. Also, in the sunshine, turn from sunset to sun. And if you listen to music, keep it that way.

This is my way to use my solar charger. Daylight and phone during the daytime sleep and breakfast with me both with me. I leave the surge in the passenger seat until I get to the office and I plugged iPhone into the Surge when I come in.

When they come here on Friday, I'll do the same, but that will change. I'm going to get Surge in the morning, but I'll take the Surge back at 3 o'clock and leave the windows. When the dashboard and windows are cracked, I keep the charger overheated and I still have charge. I do this because some of my work in the office is in the restaurant. And I know my phone is ready for the night. As you can see, I make the most of my iPhone solar charger and so I suggest it.

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