How are we writing Cell Phone Reviews

We test a variety of electronic products in our testing center and our audit team is a business. This is because the phone market is the merchant compared to other gadgets. Lots of mobile phones are coming to market; Some are master pieces while some are a disaster. When writing a mobile phone review, we look for the following factors.

The show of mobile phones is the first thing to watch on the phone. If the phone is high end, we need a big resolution because it gives you a lot of real estate to work on. Phones use mostly LCD screen display, but some devices on high devices have now started using AMOLED and OLED screens. This technology gives you better quality, but they also come at a premium.

Not all phones have a keyboard. Smartphones are preparing this for a larger screen. Some smartphones have expired QWERTY keyboard. If your phone has a slider interface, we aim for smooth movement of the joints. The keyboard must be spacious and should give a good tune experience. The buttons should also be above the surface that makes snapping easier.

Music player is very important in mobile phones. People are looking for a good music player on the phone because they do not want to carry a special PMP. Service providers also offer a variety of music purchase services. When we write a discussion about mobile phones, we recommend whether the music is good. We also look at features like flight playlists and repeat and shuffle. Finally, your smartphone must have a 3.5 mm connector that allows us to plug in any standard earphone.

If you have a tight budget budget, you're probably buying smartphones with a good camera. 2 MP cameras are outdated; We believe manufacturers should install 5 MP or at least 3.2 MP cameras on their products. In our reviews, we also provide additional information if the camera is equipped with a mirror and a flash.

The cost of the phone must be the right to action. When people read our reviews, they will probably check the cost first. If the handset does not have good features or if the features do not work well (for example – 5 MP camera may give bad images) then high prices will turn off potential customers. Also, if the price is low and the features are good, we strongly recommend the phone to our readers.

This may depend on the phone type. If it has a built-in GPS, it must work well, if it's a smartphone business, then the message must be top. We write reviews, also check if there are games to play for leisure. Finally, the battery life must be good. We rarely find the phone with poor battery life, but we always do battery tests.

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