Hot feet at night

Those who were asleep at night due to warm feet may not know the reasons. Inflammation is the most fundamental and under-emphasized cause of heat emitted from the body. But what do you ask, what is the cause of the inflammation now? To help you with the burning sensation in your feet, read two helpful tips that have helped me a lot.

Growth I suffered from the symptoms of night warm legs, and the burning sensation very often kept awake for hours. From my own research I knew it was probably caused by inflammation. However, not only at college when Professor of Health Ecology said that more than 70% of Americans are dealing with chronic infection, I have started to get a better idea of ​​what's going on in my body. Throughout my life I deal with yeast and Candidate, and I would like to share with you the information gathered over the years! I know how terrible and taxing hot feet can be at night, so there are a few tips to solve the problem.

Tip # 1: I know you are tired of lack of sleep, believe me, I know! The only real way to kill Candida takes time when the body needs to heal. For quick fix and good night sleep, put Aleve or Motrin (any anti-inflammatory agent over the counter paper) and put a cool, damp cloth on each leg. It works; I've done it many times!

2nd Tip: Now that you have a good night's sleep under your belt, talk about long-term treatment to calmly overnight. We know that the problem is a yeast infection and overproduction of Candida, so how do we kill these microorganisms? The fastest and most effective way to do this is to kill the food supply of bacteria. Simply put, a yeast organism consumes simple sugar that is consumed as soda, sweets, starch, bread, pasta and any simple or compound carbohydrates. When the yeast colony gets enough nutrients under its diet, it blooms with full bloom and starts warm legs at night.

Tip # 3: The reason is that Candida is always worse by the interaction of hormone release during sleep. To kill Candida you have to fill yourself with the ketosis for at least 3 straight days. When your body enters the ketosis, it uses fatty acids as normal carbohydrates. This eliminates the fuel source for Candida and kills it. To get into the ketosis, 30 carbohydrates per day and up to 5 carbohydrates (so many snacks) should be limited at the same time. Eat lots of vegetables, meat, fish and some cheese. It is done correctly, it takes about one and a half hours to get into the state of ketosis.

4th Tip: Remember to drink lots of water! One gallon of water a day helps to remove yeast. Water is a universal solvent and, in order to grasp enough, it literally empties all yeast in the body.

Source by Brennan R Milbury

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