Honesty and Integrity – What does this mean for you?

Honesty and integrity go hand in hand, but in today's world it seems that people have become so loose that both hits are released out of the window. In fact, if you ask most of today's youngsters to give you the most definitive concept of honesty and integrity, they will be able to tell you to be honest with the truth, but they will probably not know the truth any more.

Although most people understand what honesty – truthfully – do you understand what the truth means? For example, yes, it is wrong to lie, but is not it bad to tell the whole truth or the whole story so to speak? Many believe that holding some of the truth is the same as the lie, and if you do, you will not practice sincerity.

But once again, if you ask young people about integrity, most will not know what you're talking about. It's a word to know how to spell it. There is some idea of ​​what it means, but there is no real prison about what integrity and honesty mean. If you have integrity, it means you are living in a moral and ethical way. Honesty extends to lie, but integrity apparently extends to everything else in life.

After we have grown up and are forced to face reality, we learn that the world can be a cold, tough and cruel place. As we walk through our lives, we often lose the place of our own values. We try to pay the bills, to love the children, to care for the older parents, to try to keep our marriage together and to try and live to look at our own retirement years and grandchildren. Because of all this – apparently all the time – it is not difficult to ignore our values, which in turn affects our integrity and integrity, even if we never want this to happen.

Before you can live your life with honesty and integrity, you must first make sure you are in life. We all have strong feelings about certain issues, such as abortion, firearms, and such things. But as big as these questions, they're easy. You're either on one side of the fence or on the other side.

But in small everyday things, where are you based on your values? For example, is your honesty and integrity so great that if you run red light, you transfer the next officer you saw and make sure you give it a ticket? The odds are good that you will not. But if the counter of the counter can give you too much change, is the second when you realize that you are returning extra money? Hopefully, his honesty and integrity would be created and they would do his best to repay the money.

To be honest and integrity-based, you need to know who you are and what you represent, and keep yourself polite on a daily basis, ensuring that you do not make any conflicts of your own values ​​or moral code.

Source by Jed A. Reay

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