History of hair extensions

Hair extensions may look like a new invention, but in reality hair pulls are as far away as Egyptian times when both men and women work on wigs. Since then, hair fibers have been fashionable since then.

1800 fake hair was flocked and women left their hair in the natural state until the romantic era was full when women felt the elite Apollo knots. Come to the middle of the Victorian era and use the buckwheat much more intensively. Then strangely at the beginning of the 20th century, Edward women were fake fake accessories to create a pompadour hairstyle that looked like a woman with a teapot on her head. That it's fashionable, I do not really know! The less hairy part of the 1920s was the big thing, so the hairs were dull and only until the 1940s, when long hair returned to fashion and women started again. Then, the great hair of the 1960s was a revenge. The coils were up or up, as the women most well-known to us saw, this was created by very extravagant human buckthorns. Wigs of real or fake hair were generally worn during this time and continued in the early 70s. Come with 80's and big hair, but it's just natural hair. The famous singers wore wigs, but that was all.

The hair or wigs of the 1990's became much cheaper for everyone, not just the rich and the famous. The famous spicy girl, Victoria Beckham has received the latest fashion of human hair extension. When you first met David Beckham, this was the time when the public interest in the couple was always high and they were both photographed all the time and found on the cover or in most newspapers and magazines. With this public, they all looked at the couple. At that time Viktoria's paintings were on the front of every paper or magazine and looked at many different hairs. A few days ago there was short hair, the next one that was long and apparently these styles came about due to hair extensions. He also talked about them and explained that they were created with natural hair and caused slight controversy as to where the hair came from.

Since then, the trend has become widespread and many different people use them for various reasons. Teens looking for long hair have an extension as older women who try to replace thin hair. And many women use them for special occasions. It consists of a number of different materials that include a whole range of counterfeit synthetic materials for beautiful, natural European hair.

Long lasting hair extensions can spend a few pounds for each application and last for only 4 months. There are many different ways to make your hair safer than others. In the case of permanent hair extensions, usually a small group of hairs are collected to which the hair is attached. There are different types of adhesives, including wax, glue or heat, all of which are not so great for your hair. When removing the extensions, chemicals are needed and often damage the hair. Another option is to weave the hair. The so-called & # 39; wafting & # 39; and is much safer because there is no need for a chemical.

Clip-on extensions in different colors and lengths are the best solution for non-permanent hairs. It's very easy to use and until you get the right hair and hair, no one will know your hair is fake. In fact, I was sitting next to a college for months, I did not notice that her long hair was actually a clip on the hair. He was willing to take his hair just for making our Christmas work. I was shocked to say the least because his natural hair was just to the shoulder and I had no idea.

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