History of applications

Mobile apps are now a major part of the world's mobile phone market and have created a well-known industry in their own right. Design, creation and deployment of apps is a big business and everyone wants to enter the monolithic app market. From individuals to small businesses and beyond, the idea of ​​having an application that is very exciting to you. It opens up numerous possibilities and options and distributes your brand to mass media. But where did programs happen and what's their story?

It may surprise some, but programs have been around somehow or another since the relative birth of the mobile phone. A way back in the early 1980's was one of the first Motorola products with applications where you could view your contacts. This is possibly the first example of how applications later will be used to redefine mobile phones.

A few years later, when mobile technology began to assume more practical improvements, the competition actually began. Games began to appear on the phone for purely entertainment values. The idea that phones were only useful for communication was becoming less noticeable.

The size of the mobile phones began to shrink, as did their price; all the time, their capacity expanded. More mast cell phones were installed throughout the country, which meant that the reception was greatly improved. The features and applications on the phones were becoming advanced during the year.

The arrival of the Internet changed everything. Previously, phones could get a calculator or a notepad and a way to show the date and time. The internet made developers see the future with increased clarity. However, it was necessary to "plug" the phone into the world. When it could be achieved, phones could have virtually unlimited resources.

The problem was the phones at this stage were not adapted well on the internet. The screens were simply not enough advanced to handle a website. Everything had to be reduced and saturated. Not only did the phones struggle to cope with this, but it cost the user extra access.

WAP or Wireless Application Protocol launched a revolution and broke the way to find a solution to this problem. This enabled the phone to operate on web pages, albeit in limited capacity. There had to be a further breakthrough to push the limits of applications ever further. In 1994, the arrival of PDA was added to previous technology and allowed phones to be greater than ever before.

As the development of wallpapers and ringtones increased with mobile technology, as well as memory for storing music and images, application options also increase. Year by year, mobile phones became more complex and featured more variety in apps, including games. Raising the smartphone on the touch screen and a unique simple way to access the Internet using applications has come with the latest revolution. The use of app stores has pushed the industry into the stratosphere and it is currently not looking back.

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