Hip Hop Schedule with Intua iPhone Beatmaker

Intua iPhone Beatmaker is a new generation music maker software and mobile device. The Beatmaker has been inspired by classical hardware box boxes, software sequencers and loop samplers. Combines all of these elements to make Beatmaker a very inspirational tool.

With Beatmaker's advanced editing capabilities, you can truly create, organize and transform your own hip hop patterns into a full song. With quantization sequences, you can adjust your strikes and grooves in steps.

What's really great about the software is the ability to bring anywhere iPhone or iPod Touch from wherever you go. Download and save your projects and sound assets anytime and anywhere. Trying a fast drum pattern or taking the sample guitar riff in the studio is quite attractive to the professional composer and his hobby remotely.

Intua Beatmaker can be downloaded instantly from the iTunes AppStore. can be found by name search or categories> as part of the music. There you can find it in the music and entertainment section.

Now anyone can easily afford to make their own rhythms, as Intua iPhone Beatmaker boasts a tiny $ 19.99 price tag. Compared to other music software on the market, in terms of quality and ability, this is an absolute theft.

So what's your excuse? Download Intua Beatmaker, get some free hip-hop samples and start banging your neck tonight!

Source by Matt G.

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