Health Care Gamification: Lose It! mobile Applications

In April 2013, Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. published. his two-year report (that means once every two years!) "The US Weight Loss & Diet Control Market (12th Edition)". According to the study there are 108 million American dieters. It is more than a third of all US residents. The market weight gain increased by 1.7% in 2012, reaching R 61.6 billion in 2012, compared with 60.6 billion in 2011.

It is estimated that 1.7% of GDP growth is rather flat, but there are two factors in context:

Firstly, the market value is still big (we are talking about billions of dollars here) and employment rates are still forecast to grow 2.6% in 2013. The main marketplace is to be seen by consumers and # 39, with an increase in diet online and DIY-dieters generation. Estimated dietary income is estimated at $ 1.1, but is 8% per annum, which is fairly fast considering the overall growth of the market. We are talking here about websites like, and

Another policy that refers to DYI dieters is obviously linked to hundreds of mobile applications that help people lose weight. Today we will review the free application. Drop it! through the Healthcare Prize, which is one of the most popular 20 million downloads program scheduled in the Appstore and Google Play store.

Miss it! describes itself as helping you set a daily calorie budget, monitoring your food and exercise, and focusing on making better decisions and achieving your goals.

Lose It! December 2013 said it helped people lose 26 million pounds (nearly 12,000 tons). It's a pretty impressive amount (weight equivalent to over 7,500 cars!).

There are some great features in the app, we will review 5 of

Progressive Dynamics

Everything starts by setting goals for yourself. You provide information about yourself for the application to define your metabolism, define how much weight you want to lose and then the app calculates a custom program for you.

After setting up weight to lose the goal, a graph is presented to provide the user with a simple visual representation of the goal of using the application.

Fixed Price Plan

In 24 hours, users receive a daily calorie schedule (virtual currency in the app) and need to manage it with nutrition, workout, exercise, etc. The goal is to have a green day, which means you need to manage your budget.


No surprise to see losing it! Appears in the application with tags. Although the design is a bit old, they are really well thought-out and rewarded the user to achieve different things:

– Simply signing in (Happy Logging, etc.).

– Short-term Performance (first weight loss, etc.).

– Long-term production (last 4 weeks of use)

Companion Gaming

Miss it! Integrated with the most popular health and fitness tools and applications available (we're talking to wireless weighers, step meters, exercise programs, and more) to provide truly seamless, connected experience. For example, users can synchronize lose it! with the NikeFuel band that allows them to integrate the app with their other devices.

Reality Time Feedback

Lose It! allows users to connect with friends, family, colleges, etc. You can encourage your peers and support players who are not active in the application. It's a kind of support group, but what it does is that it uses a community as a way to create repeat use of the application.

After a very competitive environment, lose it! managed to play their cards right thanks to a very well-thought-out app that puts itself in the user's shoes. The design app uses the advantage of games that make the experience personal, attractive and very stimulating. We consider it a great example of healthcare.

Source by Beatriz Bernal

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