Handspring Treo 650: Best smartphone

Handspring Treo 650 Smartphone is both mobile and full Palm OS PDA. It is the best combination of PDA and phone available today. You might find the Treo 650 look like his predecessor, but when you look closer you'll see something. Treo 650 simplifies your life by combining mobile phones with organizer, messages, and network access and email.

Bluetooth technology allows you to connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth devices. MP3 player, digital camera that takes video and lively color display brings everything to life. This amazingly powerful Palm OS organizer gives you all the built-in productivity tools like calendar, contacts list, notebook, advanced calculator and more. With 23MB memory, you can customize your Treo to do what you need to do about what you need. The phone synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook and Palm Desktop so that all of your contacts can be moved by touch of a button.

The features of the Treo650 are high resolution, superior camera, Bluetooth, infinite memory that saves your PDA data even when the battery expires. The phone also supports EDGE which is three times faster than GPRS. Interactive online gaming, messaging and content downloads have never been faster. This new Smartphone model delivers improvements that increase experience for most users. Handspring Treo 650 has a changeable battery and uses flash memory.

The VGA camera is much better in low light and much sharper than Treo 600. If your company now supports Treo 600 or any other Palm One PDA for the mobile device, you need to upgrade to Treo 650. You would be more than pleased with 650 as communication phone, PDA and text message. Overall, Treo 650 is the best deal from all mobile operators.

Source by Ben Bradley

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