GV720B Review: A Miracle 720 VR Camera

Avid travelers try to save the highlights of their travels. It's not always a professional camera in the marching backpack, as it takes not only a lot of space and weight, but only needs to be protected from shocks and can not withstand submersion. However, a small camera, the GV720B VR camera, does not have these disadvantages. And it could also be useful in everyday life, taking up a normal object from new perspectives.

The shape of the circular body is 81.2 * 75.2 * 47mm and a double 1/4 "focus fisheye lens with 360 ° angle and also with excellent internal structure and F2.0 large aperture .In addition to the image, it is set to shoot the video at 1280×1024 pixels and frame rate 25 FPS, plus it supports gravity sensors and loop recording. It can be set to 3/5/10/15 minutes for a snapshot. All files are stored. On removable media format microSD. The maximum number of memory cards is 32 GB. When it's over archive it will automatically delete old-fashioned recording.

The camera GV720B can compete well with other famous GoPro models, the leader in high-speed cameras . It's built-in Attery with 2600 mAh capacity, which is enough for over 2 hours of video recording without recharging. It charges through Micro-US B port, which is used to exchange data with a PC. Your device supports Wi-Fi and is synchronized with your mobile device for remote control. For both Android and iOS systems, you can use the application, GVT720i. This VR camera also supports the single-key VR function and a variety of interesting images. Anyone can shoot VR easily by pushing once on shutter. And VR format effects are consistent with all VR designs. In addition, it supports all features available with the application on your smartphone. This way you can get adjustable resolution, frame rate, angle, night mode, and more.

Due to its small size, the GV720B camera is ideal for shooting an adventure. Of course, you can also take it for daily use. Come with threaded holes, it would be free to install and monitor home, and is convenient for outdoor recording.

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