Great iPhone Costs While Traveling? – Six Tips to Help Cut iPhone Costs

Want to keep costs while traveling on the iPhone? Then follow these simple steps.

first Turn off data roaming

Mobile data is used to send and receive e-mails, browse the Internet, and use other data services, such as downloading Weather, Stock Exchange, and apps from the App Store. Mobile data is generally very expensive when traveling outside your home country. If you do not need these services, turn them off. To do so, go to Settings, Network and Data roaming.

2. Disabling Internet Tethering

Internet sharing is great if you do not have broadband or 3G connectivity on your computer. Simply plug in your iPhone, turn on tethering, and then access the Internet. However, it is very easy to forget that you want to finish this. Before you know, large billing bills are available because you are tied and your computer has started downloading Windows updates or the like. Turn off Internet sharing as part of Settings, General, Network and Internet Tethering

. Make sure your PIN code is set to

With this, not only can this save you $ if you lose your phone and start using your account for data and voice, this is a fantastic security feature that provides personal your data is not visible on the iPhone. Each time you use an iPhone you will need to enter a PIN, but you will be protected if the iPhone is badly placed, lost or stolen. Set your PIN using Settings, General and Passcode Lock . Do not forget this code! If so, you must reset the factory defaults and restart.

4th Using Wi-Fi if

To use e-mail or the Internet, use a Wi-Fi connection instead of using 3G mobile data services. There are free hotspots around and they are usually advertised in cafes or shopping malls. Other providers may also offer Wi-Fi services, but they are usually smaller than the 3G connection.

5th Losing can be expensive!

If it's lost and uses Google Maps to find out where you are, pay attention to its costs. Google Maps is rather cheating and you find yourself very bad and you lose it very fast.

6th If you are really paranoid!

Turn on the flight mode if you are paranoid from eating through the nameplate. Flight mode means that the radio is switched off, but the iPhone still operates as a PDA, though the cool iPhone applications are no longer working. It will at least provide you with peace of mind when traveling overseas!

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