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 Graphics Firesale

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Special Offer Ending December 7th

My name is Naveed Peerzade and in the past 10 years I have created hundreds of professional websites and graphics for customers and for their own projects.

I've been lucky enough to work closely with some of the biggest names in internet marketing, many of whom have repeatedly searched for graphical tips. In addition, my design expertise played a major role in some six and seven images "homerun" presents online.

My partner and good friend, Eric Holmlund, need no presentation. He is one of the best internet marketers in our industry. Eric started chatting in online marketing in 1999 and has been doing full time since 2003.

Both Eric and I strongly believe:

Whether you are new to online marketing or you are creating five numbers a month, that's one thing you can not ... and can not be overlooked.

Well, sometimes the "ugly" site will run a good business, but these types of sites are the exception ... and definitely not the rule.

Rather ... you want your website to be "WOW!" and "OMG!"

Or my personal favorite, "Bom Chicka Wah Wah!"

Here's the matter ... whether it's a sales office, squeeze page, page on your website or blog, people answer the quality of the image on your sites.

Shoddy pictures are like a bad merchandise ... nobody wants anything to do with them.

However, high quality graphics have increased business and increased sales ... because people respond to images. At both a conscious and subconscious level I would add.

One reason is that according to 3M Corporation, 90% of information is sent in the brain visually ... and footage is processed 60,000 times faster than text!

Other studies have shown that graphics have a profound impact on the perception of your character ... and can increase your ability to convince them to take action by up to 43%.

The result is this ... the quality of the graphics can make a difference if you succeed or fail online.

Furthermore, simple graphical tweaks can send transactions and sales increases.

Think about it ... do not you want to take advantage of what tactical and strategic options you can get when you offer your bids ... regardless of your essence?

It's obvious ... the answer is sounding "YES!"

Now, before I think of everything included in Graphics Firesale, I think I need to warn you about the three big mistakes marketers make when deciding which graphics to use ...

Because you understand the truth

Mistake # 1 - Illegal Graphics

The last thing you want to get in your mailbox or through the email has stopped and

Usually when this happens, you must get specific copyright infringement information, including links and file names.

Then you will either pay money to continue using the cs graphics, or you may need to remove them. If you are lucky you will not be sued. It is necessary to say that none of these options are desirable.

The solution is to be absolutely sure that any of the graphics you purchase is illegally received and you have full permission to use it on your sites.

With Graphics Firesale collection, everything has been created by me and a group of designers.

Mistake # 2 - Poor Quality

This should be obvious and still ... market continues to cut corners on the quality of the graphical images.

There is no excuse for using poor images. It reflects badly on you as a business partner and will always hurt business and sales.

The solution is simple. Always know who you are buying graphics from ... and make sure they have a trusted credential as a designer.

My achievement as "eCover Guru" and as a successful marketer in its own right speaks for itself. The graphics in this collection are proven to work.

Mistake # 3 - Buying What You Do not Need

Both Eric and I see this a lot. That's why he has been following me to create a perfect graphics library for internet marketers for some time now.

What you need is a high quality graphics that 1) Know the basic elements needed for sales pages and squeeze pages. 2) Provide custom blossom that add zip and pizzazz to all of your pages and 3) Include a special graphical touch that will make your pages stand out of the crowd.

Have you created great apps that you want prospects and customers to know about?

Put our attractive App Store buttons on your site and they will do the rest. If you're pushing space, we've got your roof ...

Whether it's "Genuine Product", "Discount or Sale Offer" or "Responsibility for Pleasure" says nothing better than that

Our logo comes in various attractive colors and shapes. Use them on any pages you most need.

Want to say a lot, without talking too much? Our prohibition only does.

We have put the right combination of color and drama in each of them so that they take your expectations into consideration and force them to take action.

Demand your website with a wide selection of bullets and tags. You can choose from the colors and also play with the textures.

These ball sets come in 16x16 px, 32x32 px and 64x64 px. In addition, you are free to change them further if you need a certain size.

What is a sales page without clicking the "Call Action" button? Answer: Darn worthless!

We have added a lot of them, ie. "Add to Cart", "Buy Now" &, "Order Now" buttons that are fully customizable in terms of size and color.

Have a deadline impending? Do you want to increase the feeling of urgency and cooking your chances of buying emotions?

Use the calendar icon. They are great for special promotions, simple sales events, etc. Use any of the 12 color combinations or customize them by resizing or choosing the color you choose.

If you have a professional and classy look warranties provide trust and credibility for your customers.

Our certificates confirm your customers that the purchase is safe and that you have a back.

We have designed this to give you space to describe your specific guarantees and give you flexibility in the presentation. [19659002] Who does not love a good discount, right? Most of them will look for how much they can save before they take action.

Our coupons are designed to stand up and appeal to customers ... but less about them for a limited amount of time they need to get their savings.

Your product line is one of the most important aspects of a page.

Whether it's eBook, Free Report, DVD or Software Box, it's important to show the world what you have to offer in the best possible light.>

These skins are customizable and can be pinched.

Did you know that some might be interesting about goldfish?

Great horror, you can be your potential customers!

So why not bundle all the important features of the product and present them in one bright template?

I have adopted a wide range to suit your needs.

Space-saving and to-point tags are proof that the image has become a thousand words. These labels help ensure your customers safeguard your product.

They're great too if you do not have space to use liability insurance and / or if you want to add strength.

Without strong headlines, you do not end up fasting. Headlines grab customers' attention and get them to read the rest of your sales messages, squeeze page, blog board, etc.

Offer of many valuable options is proven compelling technology that can boost business and sales. Customize this graphics to suit your needs.

When you do not have permission to get a custom website, it's almost best to have a professionally created minisite that's ready to go.

Just add content and start collecting money. Choose your favorite template from 10 outstanding designs.

This graphic is great if you have product descriptions to show the progress, ie. site mock ups, software installations, etc.

No more boring module presentations! These beautiful unit boxes present your product descriptions in a striking and informative way.

I have always believed that the website design should be clear and the navigation should be smooth.

Therefore, I have these beautiful and clean scroll bars in 10 styles with 10 different colors to choose from.

Whether it is registered for the benefits of your products or suggesting reasons why your prospect should be purchased ...

Numbers are used in various ways on your sales offerings, squeeze pages and web pages. Choose the one that best suits your site or theme of the page.

This is where "the rubber meets the road." Order boxes contain anything from "download link" to "invite information" in the "deadline".

All 10 types are customizable so you can paste text and provide information as needed.

Social proof is another important factor in the sales process. This enticing frame helps jazz to get their customers and give them more "oomph". You can also use them for your own profile picture, on "About" page, etc. They are available in 11 different styles and 3 sizes.

The next step in your sales process can not be known, it can be a little annoying for your customers and may affect your sales too.

Use any of 8 Advancements to guide your clients step-by-step so they become customers!

No one likes a cluttered website ... and you could lose eyeballs if you're a place is a mess.

Do you want to give a variety of sections to your site killer look? Add a checkout!

Add these to your products, sidebar or other photos on your site and taste ... Instant update! The shadows are available in a variety of sizes, all of which are 100% customizable.

This is one of these custom floral that can take a normal part of your site and instantly it's amazing.

For example, you can show your product that sits on top of these shelves and let it stand immediately. Use any of these stylish 7 patterns but you look good.

Cnippets are one of the best tools to get people to share your content, follow you on social sites, and sign in to your members.

Now you can have stylish social buttons that really look great and fit the style of your website.

If Facebook is a part of your marketing efforts, you need professional cover pictures to enhance your presence online.

You get 10 great cover designs with this package ... and they get a job. I can see you smiling from ears to ear ... Projects achieved!

These days it goes without saying you need social media presence and way for visitors, customers, and customers to connect with you.

It's where the simple yet elegant social media icons come in. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Sound Cloud, etc., These icons allow you to connect by clicking on a mouse.

To build a marketplace, you need to squeeze pages. And to get a high percentage of horizons it helps when squeezing your pages are proven to convert.

Give your clients testimonials with their class and style. These testimonies can be used with or without images and help give credibility whatever you are selling.

No more boring testimony to you or your website!

Adding a little style to your text style keeps readers reading and buyers buy. Included in the Ultimate Graphics collection are 12 of our best text styles that change normal text in eye-catching, profitable customer magnets.

There's no excuse for using this shabby font again!

Video gives you an important opportunity to communicate directly with customers and customers.

These skins make sure your video clips look great. Choose a favorite from 8 different styles and customize them as you feel comfortable.

Look ... both Eric and I started at the bottom with a little more than a burning desire to make a lot of money online. We know that in the beginning you need all the help you can get without costing your arm or leg.

This figure contains the salary I pay for my team as well as the cost of running a professional design church.

Heck, some of the top graphic designers out there can charge a lot for one webpage! Of course, you could try to study Photoshop or Gimp or some "do-it-yourself-but-get-no-quick" type of deal ...

Only to finish the professional designer door ask them to end your misery and create custom photos for you.

Do not feel bad though ... because you're not suffering like that ... and you're not going to fork over this kind of money either. So let's figure it out before I give you early Christmas Day

Remember that each of these graphic objects is to be used, free and clear. When you invest in this collection, you have the title to use this graphics on any of your sites without exception.

Furthermore, you do not have to buy anything, which in itself can be an expensive proposition.

Well, forget all that. What about summer vacation!

And it does not matter if you have been naughty or good. :)

And because I'm here to help you - do not drop your bank account - Only the next 7 days you will not pay ...

Eric and I have decided to do something crazy ... because It's our goal to help as many target groups as we can pay to pay dirt in 2018 and beyond.

So ... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! You can copy our Graphics Firesale now, for a little investment just:

We send your email username and password to you, so you can access Internet area and download all the modules within minutes.

There is no font. For just 17 greenbacks, you can immediately download this perfect collection of high-quality graphics that the marketing world has ever seen!

Okay, maybe this is just a little bit above. :)

So let me put this differently ...

And if you're still in a novel for a medical or philosophical unknown reason, you can relax we're taking all the risks.

If you've struggled to make money online ... and you're ready to take things to the next level ...

It can all change the moment you invest in the Graphics Firesale library.

Image now, how it will feel when you know your web pages, squeeze pages and websites literally land the page ... and virtually drive your customers to fork over the money.

You're excited and filled with excitement ...

You're experiencing energy, changing the success you deserve ... finally!

Everything because you've decided that this is the day to take action.

Naveed Peerzade & Eric Holmlund

Well, congratulations on your purchase. Once you have sent your order, you will receive a welcome email with your account and log in information that allows you to download the modules in .zip format. Please check your mailbox for the email address you've entered while ordering.

Units are in PSD format, which means they are customizable. Almost all units come in different sizes and colors that make it easy to use them as it is. There are also some factors like Testimonials, Order Buttons, Balls, Symbols, etc.. The .html / .jpg / .png / .gif format

All the graphics in this package are created in Photoshop CS6, but we have personally tested them on CS5 and Photoshop CC and Photoshop 2017 (latest version). It's almost impossible for us to sign in to any version so it does not work in previous versions like CS2, CS3. They will also not work on Photoshop episodes as it does not have all Photoshop features.

Simply put, you get personal rights on exclusive rights, which means you can free make changes or changes and use any / all these units for your own website / products. But you do not get resale or other rights. If you need to use them on your client's websites, you can update the Resellers package, which also comes with resell rights, which means you can also sell the same package and retain 100%. You will be given the option to upgrade by check.

Yes, all of these units are designed by locals and me. That means you are free to use any / all of them on your sites / projects without being charged anymore.

You agree that conversion of any page / product depends on many factors and designs are just one of them; so it's hard for me to give you no responsibility.

Click here to get

 Graphics Firesale

at discounted price while it's still available...

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

 Graphics Firesale

is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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