GPush – Blueberry Notifications on iPhone!

Gpush is finally available for iPhone and if it's like most users who say "It's okay". I've spent more than an hour trying to configure push notifications on gmail on my iPhone when I first received it until I could tell from a friend that it was not available yet, and soon an app will soon appear. It's pretty low, and here's the app's already available and it's great.

Obviously, if there is a lot of spamming, the Gpush does not do anything but annoys it. But if we are like ourselves and have our own business on the Internet, or we get a lot of time sensitive emails, it's literally a god.

Old Gmail app updates the incoming mailbox hourly, and does not notice when it did. So you only receive your email when it arrives in the inbox and check it out. Where is the comfort in this? Gpush will instantly tell you when you receive a new e-mail for a minor but with an eye-catching way (the usual vibration and screen information that I make iPhone push notifications).

Price for the app is 1 jr of bacon cheese burger ($ 1) and is worth everybody who uses the Gmail app. The app's creators recommend that the Gpush icon be placed on the Gmail icon on the iPhone screen. The app is made from trusted source, Tiverias and punished in the Apple App Store, so you do not have to have any security issues by downloading this gem. Now all you have to do is let Skype know, and this internet entrepreneur will be a very satisfied and informed iPhone user!

Source by Rich A LoNigro

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