Google VS Apple

The mobile computing platform is split into two generations. 2007 and 2007. The year 2007 was the world's only simple yet elegant phone. There were hardly any races in any segment. And for years it has become Nokia's dominant championship.

When Steve Jobs was tired of the iMacs and MacBook marketing for the public, he was still on a precious Windows system that had completed the work at the end of the day. The idea of ​​joining the mobile industry was not brave enough. For a company named for high performance Macs, the idea of ​​going to the world of smaller things is certainly a risky business.

They say when they think, think big. And that was exactly Jobs. The result is for all of us first hand. The iPhone demonstration was an extraordinary opportunity for the mobile industry. MacDaddy was okay. Audience was extraordinary. The world was desperate. And that is why we forgot everything about Nokia and Samsung. Production is going on, the stores are full of pre-orders, the iStore lines were longer, massive madness, the shelves were evacuated before they were filled, production overcame, and the product was sold over millions overnight. If it was a night's success story, that would be one. Even though the planning years were the same. Bigger things were waiting for the launch.

Critics are coming to success. Despite the fact that the public liked the new iPhones, they were criticized for failing to perform some of the basic features. Such a thong does not really affect those people who are too humiliated in the graceful iPhone of the iPhone.

However, it was not too good for Apple when Google released the Android operating system to a mobile platform. And Samsung immediately recognized its business potential. As the touch screens were present and future dimensions, Samsung literally overcame and released millions of so-called "iPhone inspired" models. These phones are sold like hot cakes for low prices and competitive features. Android ads are a public trust. The hardware of the phone is not the subject of discussion, it is the operating system. Android became one-day celebrity. The iPhone is cheap knockoffs by Samsung, HTC, Sony's state-of-the-art technology, these phones are so competitive that Samsung has gone through the last quarter of the iPhone sales.

These improvements were too hot for Apple to handle. The only way to save his face was to do what he ought to have done long ago. Patented to each mobile manufacturer. And boy, just started the war. Multiple litigation, hundreds of attorneys, many in-house litigation, and such madness in the state arena that no one spared. Apple has begun to win some of the Samsung $ 1.04 million. But regrettably, such lawsuits were too childish to start, and no one came to the winner, though innovation was killed.

It seems that the war is far from Google and tries to seriously examine the mobile phone. Apple is setting up iPhones with better features than Siri. Apple is doing its best to prevent dependence on competitors as it provides semiconductor production instead of TSMC, instead of Samsung and Apple Maps, relying on Google Maps.

Allows the right giant's future for both the tech giants.

Source by Sreekant K Kurup

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