Google Play brings movies, books, music and games together – True Competitor for Apple App Store?

It seems that in a similar way as the Energizer bunny, Google keeps going and going. After first Google Music and books only last year, March 6, the search engine announced that it would be housing their books, movies, music and games suddenly "playground". It's called Google Play .

As a way to bring even more competition to companies like Apple and its many entertainment options, in addition to making it one-page to get a few things, Google Play will have many other cousins ​​as well . If you used to buy a variety of games and applications through the Android Market, you can now purchase more than 450,000 of them on Google Play. If you're looking to share some of your favorite songs, thanks to Google Play, you can now download 20,000 of them for free (there are also over eight million songs that you can buy too). If books are what you've left, Google Play has more than four million to choose from and when it comes to slide shows, but it's about four dollars to rent the movie for one day, the gospel is that Google game will allow you to watch it from almost all devices (yes, your laptop, but also your smartphone).

In an effort to be quickly considered the place to go to the media service, some technicians who have tested sites (which will need to download new features in the next few days) have to see if they can use the content. There are already some reports that if they continue to develop and expand, especially in their books and film fields, they could actually end up coming to the top. The Google Play Books feature not only allows you to download a book, exit from the app, and return to the right of the place you left, but it also gives you the option to read from a line. Google Movies does not yet have the option to pause the movie after viewing it on the computer or on the phone, but the streaming seems to be very clear and if enough attention is drawn to this problem, it is rather safe provided that it is resolved .

In addition to these media, there are also promotions that Google Play will show in the next few days. One is called, "Play Favorites", where tons of apps and games are available for up to $ 0.49. The second is called a "7-day game" where you will be able to get a variety of books, movies and music (US only) for $ 0.25. There will also be hip-hop, rock and country titles that you can download for $ 3.99 and some editors will announce some of their favorite movies for $ 0.99 and programs for $ 0.49 cents as well.

Whether you are a fan of Google's technological advancement is not, you must admit they are doing enough to at least maximize your interest. It's an attractive bet that they're thinking that if they just get you to look, you'll be impressed. The question is still: Is Google Play a true competitor in Apple's App Store?

Source by Aaron B Whitfield

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