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Digital age has significantly increased the amount of information that an ordinary person has access to and consume. Today, we can sit down on our laptops, drop our iPads, or join our smartphones, and Google, Bing, or use another search engine to inquire about interesting content. Answers to questions we would not even think about asking a decade ago are now within reach within a few seconds. All this serves to increase our curiosity levels, and feed the desire for even more information. But how much can you consume and store, and what do we really do with it all?

Recent research published in science and compilation by Carl Bialik in the Wall Street Journal shows that the world's ability to store, share and calculate data has grown by 23% every year since 1986. Search engines and other tools are easier to filter and process this information. Further studies at the University of Michigan revealed that in 2005, "spend people in a minute of media consumption for every 1,000 minutes available" which is about a decade in 1960. This storage capacity is measured in exabytes, which Google tells me equivalent to one quintillion bytes. It is number one (1) with 18 zero thereafter.

But here is a great part. While human beings work to classify, store, measure and access all this information, God already has all the information about the world, the present and the future. He knows, understands it, classifies it, uses it and analyzes it faster than we can imagine. He has video about everything in our past and future because he organized it and saw it happening.

We use search engines to access facts, information, and views; casting data that men and women use to control their environment. God goes beyond that store of thoughts, emotions, purposes, plans and exercises; Detailed information about the human spirit. Even if I kept the diary of my life, I could never write down every experience, every thought, all the desire I've had in my life. But God knows everything and he knows what's best for me because he created me.

Often I wish that God has a search engine like Google that I could ask any question and get an immediate response. I ask about "whys" of my past and "what's" of my future; I ask about "when" his clause and "how" his plans. The same overwhelming desire to approach and consume data in the natural state would soon translate into spiritual states. But unfortunately, it does not work like that. God wants us to pray, but in getting the answer, our chance of growth is as we learn to listen to his voice; read his words and follow him in a new way. Why can not we get instant feedback from him? Because we probably could not see it. Because his thoughts are so much higher than ours, his ways are so much higher than ours (Isaiah 55: 8-9) that he needs to prepare for what he does in our lives and where he & # 39; s take us. Our mind thinks simple thoughts in comparison to him, and would not be able to record what he said.

Consider Moses, whom the Lord spoke from a burning shrub about returning to Egypt to speak to Pharaoh to save the Israelites. Moses made many excuses because he was a wrong man for the job. God became dissatisfied with him and eventually concluded that his brother Aaron would assist him. He continued to convey God's message to the king of Egypt, eventually bringing a large number of people from Egypt to the Promised Land.

When I started my career for 28 years, I had no idea where it would take me. I had no idea what I would achieve, the people I would meet and influence, the places I would work or the leadership role that I would hold. I am smart enough at this point to know that even though he has given me an insight into my future, God has not shared everything. I'm simply able to trust better and follow him now, without burning the desire to know everything.

So I can go to Google God. I can ask him what question I want. But I know that his answer is a process that will come when I'm ready for it and his answer is always perfect for me.

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