Google Android Vs Apple IOS – There is a battle

In the mobile world, Google Android and Apple iOS have created a vortex. Both of these platforms appeared as rising superpower. In 2011, the market will watch Android Android tablets running Android 3.0 "Honeycomb", the tablet operating system. It is expected that this will certainly reduce the number of iPad sales. Well, as a user, you definitely want to ask what's better with Google Android or Apple iOS. To get the answer, read the article.

First, we will talk about some of the strong and weak points of Google Android. The most attractive feature of the operating system is to get some of the refurbished and best supplier of the mobile world. These include Samsung, Dell, Motorola, HTC, LG, Sony Ericsson, etc.

But there are some negative pages in the Android operating system. As Android OS is open source, hardware manufacturers can use it. With the Android operating system, users gain a broadly controversial experience. You will find that all hardware vendors put the Android menu buttons in a different order at the bottom of the screen. In addition, companies use different types of button icons that interfere with users. However, there are also problems with Android software updates.

On the other hand, Apple iOS is very easy to use, so it's easy for people of all ages to use devices like the iPhone and iPad. But there are some weaknesses in this operating system. The first is the inflexibility of the software. IOS allows for very small scaling and customization. And the operating system works prominently within Apple's defined protected locations. You can not do anything that is not configured within Apple's borders.

With iOS, you can experience productivity limits as the on-screen keyboard can work wonderfully with a short data input, but if you want to write a long email or create a large document, it's really boring experience. The operating system has fewer hardware choices available.

So the dispute is clear that both Google Android and Apple iOS have different positive and negative aspects. Now you can choose any mobile device based on your choice and preference. If your computer behaves abnormally or is experiencing any operating system problems, you can contact an online computer support service in Windows Help.

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